Early Review: To Catch a Stolen Soul (Djinn Haven #1) by R.L. Naquin

January 2, 2017 Review 0

Early Review:  To Catch a Stolen Soul (Djinn Haven #1) by R.L. NaquinTo Catch a Stolen Soul by R.L. Naquin
Series: Djinn Haven, #1
Published by Carina Press on January 9, 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 173
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: kissing
4 Stars

Fans of the Monster Haven series by R.L. Naquin will love this beguiling spin-off, featuring a trapped djinn caught in a hot mess of lost souls, fast food and otherwordly murder.

Kam is a soul chaser for the Hidden Government, a much harder job now that the Hidden look like everyone else. Broke, out of magic and sick of playing waitress in a pirate-themed dive bar, Kam jumps at a chance for an out-of-town mission.

A reaper—and his loaded soul stone—have gone missing. The stone contains souls that might get permanently stuck if Kam doesn't find it, like, yesterday. She tracks the reaper down to a food truck outside Kansas City, only to find a dead reaper and no soul stone in sight. Which means that someone who should be dead killed the reaper and is running around with a powerful magic item. Not good.

And apparently the killer is targeting food-truck owners that also happen to be Hidden. So the only thing to do is open her own truck and go undercover—goodbye Kam the Djinn, hello Mobile Food Entrepreneur—and hope that she and her new runaway friend won't be the next targets…

TO CATCH A STOLEN SOUL is the first book in a series based on one of the wonderful characters from the Monster Haven series, Kam the djnn. When we met her, she had an interesting enough backstory that I wished she had her own book. Guess I got my wish with this one! The plot follows Kam on her misadventures being a soul chaser and struggling to make ends meet. While I missed the characters from the Monster Haven series, this story is fun with a whole new cast (and a few old ones) of quirky characters and a list of suspects surrounding a string of murders. One thing I loved about the Hidden creatures masquerading as humans was the large size difference between their 'human skin' versus their actually selves. A tiny brownie can be a six foot human. That's kind of awesome.

I enjoyed seeing Kam living her life, albeit a struggling one. She is a very kind and determined person who seems to make connections with everyone she meets including a runaway named Ash. I loved their interactions especially as they try to make a toast food truck work. I loved seeing Kam act as a caring big sister to Ash. It fits her character and I hope Ash sticks around throughout the series.

Finding out who the murderer was, was a bit easy but that didn't matter as it was fun hanging out with Kam and seeing this story start to build its world and reality that will carry on into the rest of the series.

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