Release Day Review: The Queen’s Dance (The Emerging Queens #3) by Jamie K. Schmidt

May 23, 2016 Review 0

Release Day Review:  The Queen’s Dance (The Emerging Queens #3) by Jamie K. SchmidtThe Queen's Dance by Jamie K. Schmidt
Series: The Emerging Queens, #3
Published by Entangled Publishing on May 23, 2016
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romantic, Romantic Comedy
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

Despite his handicaps outside his natural habitat, water dragon Remy “Champ” Champlain fights to protect Queen Margery from those who plot to quash her damaging news reports by silencing her...forever.

He can never have her, but he'll protect her with his life.

After newly shifted sky dragon Queen Margery is rescued from smugglers by water dragon Remy Champlain, she debates whether to flesh out the story that nearly got her killed or embrace her royalty and build a court of protectors and studs. Sparks fly between Remy and her. He’d love her to give up her job and settle down…hopefully with him…but he can’t fly and she can’t swim, so their relationship can never get off the ground.

THE QUEEN'S DANCE is wonderfully funny and craftily written paranormal romance involving my fourth favorite paranormal animal, dragons. I really enjoyed this book and the world building is fascinating. I loved how dragons live with humans as rock stars and and other highly visible occupations and their society with dragon queens and studs is pretty unique (and oh so very political). Each book in this series involves a new queen emerging and each dragon has a unique ability. I loved how the dragons are all pulled from various dragon mythologies from Celtic to Chinese and various sea serpents.

With Margery we get her story of dealing with being a queen on top of her investigation of some shady dealings involving drugs and dragons and her romance with Remy. There are some interesting twists in the drug plot that were pretty great though I was a little confused about the players at times. I liked that we are introduced to Margery a few years after she 'emerges' and finds out she is a queen dragon. By doing this we get a person who isn't completely panicked about having scales and wings but is still new enough to be a bit naive about dragon politics. Margery is a pretty tough character and I really admired that she wanted to continue being a reporter despite her dragon complications. Remy is such a sweet dragon and I kept wanting to give him a hug each time he felt bad about not being a winged dragon. Their relationship was a really sweet one especially after they figured out the whole mating between a sea serpent and sky dragon...

I adore having some humor and quirky characters in books and this was right up my alley. I always have difficulty imagining just how dragons talk in dragon form but it's fun to imagine what they look. THE QUEEN'S DANCE has it all; humor, action, suspense, romance and I can't wait to discover the new emerging queens in future books.




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  2. The Queen's Flight
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