5 Bats! Review: The Reburialists, by J.C. Nelson

March 14, 2016 Review 0

5 Bats! Review: The Reburialists, by J.C. NelsonThe Reburialists by J. C. Nelson
Published by Penguin Publishing Group on March 1st 2016
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Occult & Supernatural, Paranormal, Urban
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: One explicit sex scene.
Reviewed by: Kim
5 Stars

Burying the dead is easy.  Keeping them down is difficult.   At the Bureau of Special Investigations, agents encounter all sorts of paranormal evils. So for Agent Brynner Carson, driving a stake through a rampaging three-week-old corpse is par for the course. Except this cadaver is different. It's talking--and it has a message about his father, Heinrich.

The reanimated stiff delivers an ultimatum written in bloody hieroglyphics, and BSI Senior Analyst Grace Roberts is called in to translate. It seems that Heinrich Carson stole the heart of Ra-Ame, the long-dead god of the Re-Animus. She wants it back. The only problem is Heinrich took the secret of its location to his grave.

With the arrival of Ra-Ame looming and her undead army wreaking havoc, Brynner and Grace must race to find the key to stopping her. It's a race they can't afford to lose, but then again, it's just another day on the job . . .

I didn't know I needed a fabulous Egyptian-inspired zombie killing novel in my life, but now that I have devoured THE REBURIALISTS, I will be recommending it to everyone at the top of my lungs. It's equal parts clever and exciting, with a dash of horror and a fun love story.

The world is complicated enough without having to cut the tendons of your dead relatives and get their mouths sewn shut in case a Re-Animus decides to take it for a ride after you bury it. You're better off cremating it, if you can afford it. Where zombies rising is common place, the BSI (Bureau of Special Investigations) takes care of putting the dead back where they belong, and Brynner Carson is their hero.

Brynner comes off at first like a dashing James Bond figure, who only needs to sleep a few hours a night and can walk off broken ribs like it's a scratch. He has a giant chip on his shoulder; everyone reminding him that he is not his legendary father may have something to do with it. He is cocky and a bit of a jerk, but he gets a major wake up call when one of the reanimated corpses focuses his eyes, looks straight at him and says his name. Damn.

Opposite Brynner is Grace, who is a researcher and translator working for the BSI. And contrary to most people in the world of THE REBURIALISTS, she does not believe in any religion, magic or demons. She is the Sculley to Brynner's Mulder, but she is so much more. She is capable of great acts of bravery, even when she doesn't feel brave at all, and she doesn't hesitate to take command when the situation calls for brain over brawn. She was an absolutely brilliant character to read about.

The book is told in Brynner and Grace's alternating point of views, which chapters helpfully labeled with their names. I say helpful not because I was ever confused as to who was talking because of the writing, but I was flipping pages so quickly I might have lost my way without the useful breakdown.

The few side characters, Amy and Dr. Thomas in particular, were as great as the main characters, serving as useful contrasts to the main characters. Amy is better trained than Brynner, coming straight from Egypt, the original hotbed of Re-Animus activity. Dr Thomas is another non-believer, helping Grace find her feet in an office full of "religious scientist".

The pacing was quick but excellent, and although the book featured many of the tropes of paranormal romance love stories (including the festering drama caused by a secret kept too long), it never felt like formula. Each time I internally thought I had seen this before, there was a twist that made it original.

There were a few things I saw coming, but there were just as many that surprised a me. If you are looking for a blend of hard science, ancient Egyptian mythology and kick ass undead-slaughtering action, THE REBURIALISTS is the book for you. Go get it now. Right now.


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