5bat! Review: Dark Ascension (Generation V #4) by M. L. Brennan

August 10, 2015 Review 0

5bat! Review: Dark Ascension (Generation V #4) by M. L. BrennanDark Ascension by M. L. Brennan
Series: Generation V #4
Published by Roc on August 4, 2015
Genres: Adult, Romantic, Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 308
Source: NetGalley
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Kissing, implied sexual situations
Reviewed by: Kate
5 Stars

As the “wickedly clever” (Publishers Weekly) series continues, reluctant, slacker vampire Fortitude Scott learns that nothing is more important than family—or more deadly....

After a lifetime of avoiding his family, Fort has discovered that working for them isn’t half bad—even if his mother, Madeline, is a terrifying, murderous vampire. His newfound career has given him a purpose and a paycheck and has even helped him get his partner, foxy kitsune Suzume, to agree to be his girlfriend. All in all, things are looking up.

Only, just as Fort is getting comfortable managing a supernatural empire that stretches from New Jersey to Ontario, Madeline’s health starts failing, throwing Fort into the middle of an uncomfortable and dangerous battle for succession. His older sister, Prudence, is determined to take over the territory. But Fort isn’t the only one wary of her sociopathic tendencies, and allies, old and new, are turning to him to keep Prudence from gaining power.

Now, as Fort fights against his impending transition into vampire adulthood, he must also battle to keep Prudence from destroying their mother’s kingdom—before she takes him down with it....

Starting this review has been a bit difficult. Mainly because I just want to say, if you are not reading the Generation V series, you need to get on that. With DARK ASCENSION, book four in the series, the characters are at a crossroads and Brennan handles it with aplomb, demonstrating the great writing that is one thing I love about this series.

DARK ASCENSION takes our cast of complex characters through so much. I laughed, (oh boy did I ever laugh), I cried, I was amazed! With slightly less of an episodic feel, there wasn't a particular "main" mystery that Fort and Suzume were focused on resolving this time around. Instead, Brennan takes a lot of different elements, swirls them altogether, and makes a book that carries the overarching plot of the series forward very well. Though you don't necessarily have to be familiar with the previous three books in the series, I would recommend it for the full enjoyment of DARK ASCENSION.

One thing I am sure I've mentioned before, but I'll mention again, is that it is amazing how Brennan can take characters that in other books might be the bad guys, and turn them into sympathetic, multi-dimensional characters. My love for Prudence, who tends to solve all problems with mass murder, is one example of this feat. Plus, all the changes in Fort's life that practically force him to grow up and face the music this time around are done very well. Fort has really, clearly, grown over the four books of the series, and doesn't remain a stagnant character, something which is very important in an on-going series.

So, again, if you aren't reading the Generation V series, you are definitely missing out. As DARK ASCENSION is my favorite yet, I can't recommend the series enough! With its atypical vampire mythos, its great, complex characters and captivating plot, this is definitely a rewarding reading experience. Here's hoping for more of the same in book five!

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