Review: Downfall (Cal Leandros #9) by Rob Thurman

August 11, 2014 Review 0

Review: Downfall (Cal Leandros #9) by Rob ThurmanDownfall by Rob Thurman
Series: Cal Leandros #9
Published by Roc on August 5, 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: References to sex.
Reviewed by: Julia
4 Stars

I let it go—all of it. Everything I’d been saving up all my life, building and growing inside me, too much to hold in one half-human body. It pushed and fought to be free with a force that turned me into a bomb with a timer vibrating on zero. I was free.

But so was everything I’d fought so hard not to be…

Brothers Cal and Niko Leandros know trouble when they see it—and then proceed to wipe the floor with it. But now it seems their whole world is falling to pieces. Cal’s nightmarish monster side is growing ever stronger, changing Cal physically as well as mentally. Which is exactly what Grimm—Cal’s savage doppelgänger—wants. And when a covert supernatural organization decides that it’s time to put Cal down before he threatens pretty much everything else in existence, the brothers find themselves in a fight they actually might lose. But the dark temptations Cal has denied all his life may prove to be exactly what can save them.

Even if he must fall forever…

There has been a particular fate clicking away in Cal's genes from the moment of his birth, and a particular doom dogging the Leandros brothers since the dawn of time.  DOWNFALL is when Robin Goodfellow gets fed up with watching incarnation after incarnation of the brothers die a horrible death.  DOWNFALL is when he decides it's time to play this game the Trickster way.

From the opening scene of doom, to the flashback that traces Cal and Niko's path to that final confrontation, Thurman gives us both Cal and Robin Goodfellow in alternating perspectives. With the deck stacked so high against Cal, it is a welcome joy to see Robin, unfettered in all his ancient, powerful, sex positive and egomaniacal glory, striving so valiantly to keep his friends alive. Rather than a magical deus ex machina swooping in at the end, we see Robin tirelessly (and deviously) to save the brothers throughout the entire book.  And yet even with these glimpses of his plans, there's no guarantees.

Despite the danger all around, I found that Robin Goodfellow outshines even the action side of the plot.  Unabashedly pansexual and lecherous, he smashes the modern stereotypes of "manhood" without turning a hair, all the while flexing his power and experience in a desperate effort to save his friends.  Though I'm late to this series, both SLASHBACK and DOWNFALL have been entirely enjoyable for a new reader, though both remind me of all the great backstory I should catch up on. A game changer with fascinating implications for the future, DOWNFALL is a book no Leandros fan should miss.

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