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A big welcome to Robin Covington who is here counting down the Top 10 Reasons Why I Fangirl Over Supernatural and celebrating the release of Sex & the Single Vamp (published on March 24, 2014 by Covet Imprint, Entangled Publishing). Also, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below for a $50 gift card! 



Robin Covington’s Top 10 Reasons Why I Fangirl Over Supernatural

Hi – I’m Robin and I love SUPERNATURAL.
Actually, I think that love is too weak a word to describe my obsession over this show. As a die-hard Buffy and Joss Whedon fan (he still writes the best dialogue. period.) I am really hard on parnormal TV shows and movies so when I have the Winchester brothers a chance, no one was more surprised than I was to learn just how much of a fangirl I have become.


Baby – the Impala

Dean loves his car, a 1967 Chevy Impala and at first I didn’t feel the love. But, once I learnd the backstory and realized that this was more than a car-this was Dean’s sole connection to a past and family he desperately wanted, I was all in.


The Fandom

The show has wonderfully funny storylines that include the real world fandom that loves the Winchester boys. I particularly loved the episodes that gave a shout out to the fan fiction movement and the SPN fan conventions. What an amazing way to say “thank you” to the fans.


The Sense of Family

This story is all about the Winchester Brothers. They only have each other and with Dean as the protective older brother it has led to ups and downs that rip your heart out. The episodes that gave them a glimpse into the past of their family was some of the best television ever plotted.


History and John’s Journal

In the beginning, John’s journal was the only guide the boys had to work as hunters and while this has been downplayed in later seasons, it always tied into history and out a special SPN twist on it. Like, when the special gun made my Samuel Colt featured prominently on the show, the facts were joined with the fiction to make the story interesting. In the current season, the writers wove in a storyline about Cain and his role as the first murderer and tied it into the stuff going on with Dean and that episode literally kept me glued to my seat.



This soundtrack features the very best of classic rock and if you ever wanted to dip your toes into this genre, this is the way to do it. You can hear such great bands as Bad Company , AC/DC, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Styx etc. When they open with “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas – I get goosebumps.


Surviving the End of the World

Yea- I pretty much know how to survive anything: vampires, demons, fallen angels. Give me some salt, holy water and John’s journal and I am sooooo good.


Recurring Characters

Maggie,Crowley, Kevin, Garth, and Bobby. These guys come and go and every time you see them you give a huge sigh of happy to see them again. But, they are also the most vulnerable and you just KNOW that sooner or later they will die and rip your guts out.


On the road again . . .

For most of the show, these guys had no set home. They wandered from town to town, job to job and lived in cheap motels. And while having no tie to the mundane was fun it was also the source of the biggest heartbreak for the viewer. You want these guys to find that place…but you don’t.



For a while I tried to keep track of all the ways the boys paied homage to their favorite music and movies by using their names when they had to impersonate Federal Agents. The lineup is quite impressive: Agent Nugent, Ford and Hamill, Nigel Tufnel (“Spinal Tap”), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Fathers Simmons and Frehley (Kiss), US Marshals Billy Gibbons and Frank Beards (ZZ Top), Agents Page and Plant (Led Zeppelin), Detectives Bachman and Turner (Bachman Turner Overdrive), Mr. Campbell (Bruce), Mr. Raimi (Sam), Agents Angus and Young (AC/DC), Agents Tyler and Perry (Aerosmith), and Agent Ulrich (Metallica). My hubby and I keep saying that we are going to create a drinking game based on this aspect of the show – stay tuned


Sam and Dean

These guys are so awesome as characters. Flawed. Angry. Hurt. Funny. Brave. Caring. Loyal. I have my favorite (Dean!) but these are two of the most full and vivid characters on television. I get to a point where I think they won’t surprise me and they do and I love them even more.


 Robin Covington loves to explore the theme of fooling around and falling in love in her bestselling books. When she’s not writing sexy, sizzling romance she’s collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Joe Manganiello. You can find Robin at her website (, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t send chocolate . . . send eye candy!

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SEX AND THE SINGLE VAMP by Robin Convington


Available on March 24, 2014 by Covet Imprint, Entangled Publishing


Cici Trent, vampire and media darling, spends her days finding true love for humans and supernaturals (the “Others”) at her dating agency. But someone is trying to sabotage her business and she needs help. Unfortunately, the best man for the job is the one who broke her still beating heart two hundred fifty-four years ago.

Deacon is a patient vampire. He’s only loved one woman in over three hundred years— CiCi— and she chose another. So when she shows up in his office asking for help, he finally has the chance to lay that demon to rest. He’ll help her, but for a price—a night in his bed.

Adrenaline, mischief, and a little late-night B&E light the passion that even a couple of lifetimes couldn’t put out. But Deacon has a secret and when Cici is suddenly mortal, his deception might be the only way restore her immortality. Can love bridge the gap between a heartbeat and forever?

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48 Responses to “Top 10 List & Giveaway: Robin Covington’s The Top 10 Reasons Why I Fangirl Over Supernatural & win a gift card”

  1. Angela

    You hit on so many great reasons why I love this show!

    I always love when I find others that enjoy Supernatural. For a while I felt incredibly alone in my love of them – luckily their fandom has grown 😀

  2. Jen

    I actually haven’t watched supernatural yet, but this makes me reconsider.

  3. Barrie

    It wasn’t until we got Netflix that I started watching Supernatural and now I’m hooked!!! It’s sooooooooooooo good 🙂

  4. Maria D.

    I haven’t watched Supernatural yet either…sigh…just not enough time for everything I want to see and read but I loved Robin’s reasons for loving the show – makes me want to watch:) Thanks for the spotlight on Sex and the Single Vamp – sounds like a fun book!

  5. Karin Anderson

    They are so fun to watch because they add humor into all the horror. 😉

  6. Amber Hughes

    Great post! I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show (watched with my mom who is a big fan of the show), but I definitely liked what I watched. One day I will go back and start from the beginning 🙂

    Loved Sex and the Single Vamp! 🙂

  7. Rachelle

    DEAN! I love him sooooooooo much! Sam’s cool, but Dean… *sigh* I want one. And yes, I love the Cain element too. 🙂

  8. vero

    Supernatural is one of my favorites series, its awesome, so funny and ironic, my favorite is castiel and sam, so funny

  9. Tashraven

    Love this show, have watched from day one! Look forward to reading your book.

  10. Angela

    I love this show! I binged watched it on Netflix too and I’m so hooked!

  11. Janet

    My all time favorite show. You can pick out the generation of readers and writers that were raised on Buffy/Angel, Charmed and Supernatural.

  12. Joseph Hawkshaw

    Love the cover of the book looks sweet will have to go buy the book.

  13. LLL

    Those are fabulous reasons to love the show. Am fond of what I have seen of that series myself.

  14. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Oh nice! I have been a fan of this show ever since I saw the commercial for the pilot episode! Even in that moment I was like, this is going to be sooo cool, I hope it makes it! And wow did it!!! Everything about this show has been awesome and amazing x a million!

    Love all the reasons too! And you would’ve thought that after eight seasons…currently running season 9…that there would’ve been an official soundtrack! I guess they couldn’t get rights approved or something! But what about an official calendar?! I mean come on! For years I’ve been wanting a Supernatural calendar! Who wouldn’t want 12 months of Sam and Dean?!

    And my final comment, Scooby Doo freaking rocks too! That was my fave cartoon to watch as a kid! They were all re-runs at the time, but I remember watching it with my grandpa. Good memories there!

  15. Evette T.

    My brother and I are huge fans of Supernatural!! I have been watching the show since it started and every Christmas I buy my brother one or two of the seasons on DVD. 🙂 I have to agree about the Impala. It’s a huge part of the show and is practically a character itself. Sam and Dean are such amazing characters. I have to say I love Dean more though. I want to write so much more but this would be a long comment. 😀

  16. Ashley

    OMG I love Supernatural too! Dean is my favorite, ever since I starting watching the show. Sam and Dean are both amazing characters and keep the show going. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Bethany C.

    I want to get back into Supernatural; I watched the first (I think 5) episodes. I stopped because I am the biggest wuss on the planet and it freaked me out. That fiery demon thing killed me.

  18. Vivien

    I’m one of the few who hasn’t watched a single episode of Supernatural. I should probably remedy that.

  19. Bessamy

    Supernatural is a cool show. There needs to be more like it! The book sounds wickedly cool. Thanks for the chance!

  20. Erika

    I love that show too! Need to catch up though now that I’m a few seasons behind. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. Jennifer Bielman

    The Impala, OMG, I want one so much. The music is to die for. And did you notice that many of the hotels have the same side wall but designed differently?

  22. Robin Malone

    I love Supernatural!! The fact they’re sexy guys doesn’t hurt either! Lol. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  23. Heather

    I saw the first season and then only random episodes since.

    I need to spend more time with Sam and Dean!

  24. Kimberly

    I’m trying to catch up on this season and my DVR didn’t record three of the episodes. One of them being the Cain episode! 🙁 Does anyone know where I can go to watch it???

  25. Janie McGaugh

    Great post on Supernatural; I’m looking forward to Sex & the Single Vamp!

  26. Pam Rushen

    I love, love, love Supernatural.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  27. Texas Book Lover

    I have heard so many great things about this show but with so many seasons I can’t seem to find the time to start it. I may just have to make myself!

  28. Robin Covington

    Holy moly guys- thanks so much for stoping by.So many cool SPN fans out there. I’m in Mexico right now on vacay or I would respond to each comment but you guys rock! Robin

  29. Van P.

    I haven’t watched Supernatural in a long times, stopped at season 4…definitely need to catch up!

  30. Gwen Freeman

    I’ve been a completely rabid fan, since my friend Sarah said, here you might like this. I was given the first season, and after the last episode, wanted to throw something at the tv, what a cliffhanger *G* I love the winchesters

  31. Kendra Schmucker

    I LOVE Supernatural! Like the fangirl I am, I drool over that car but moreso Jensen! The only reason I’m slightly sure I could survive anything is because of the Winchester boys haha 🙂

  32. Kim

    *sigh* The Winchesters. Season after season, I stick around because there’s no way to let go of knowing what will happen to them.

    Thanks for the great List!

  33. @btvsfan13

    Yeah Buffy for me is the greatest and also introduced me to this genre which is why I love it so much. Supernatural is also definitely awesome. Been watching since it began and enjoy every bit. Great characters and stories.