Early 5bat! Review: Murder of Crows (The Others #2) by Anne Bishop

March 3, 2014 Review 2

Early 5bat! Review: Murder of Crows (The Others #2) by Anne BishopMurder of Crows by Anne Bishop
Series: The Others #2
Published by Roc on March 4, 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 368
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: References to sex.
Reviewed by: Julia
5 Stars

Return to New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s "phenomenal" (Urban Fantasy Investigations) world of the Others — where supernatural entities and humans struggle to co-exist, and one woman has begun to change all the rules…

After winning the trust of the terra indigene residing in the Lakeside Courtyard, Meg Corbyn has had trouble figuring out what it means to live among them. As a human, Meg should be barely tolerated prey, but her abilities as a cassandra sangue make her something more.

The appearance of two addictive drugs has sparked violence between the humans and the Others, resulting in the murder of both species in nearby cities. So when Meg has a dream about blood and black feathers in the snow, Simon Wolfgard — Lakeside’s shape-shifting leader — wonders if their blood prophet dreamed of a past attack or a future threat.

As the urge to speak prophecies strikes Meg more frequently, trouble finds its way inside the Courtyard. Now, the Others and the handful of humans residing there must work together to stop the man bent on reclaiming their blood prophet—and stop the danger that threatens to destroy them all.

MURDER OF CROWS should come with a warning: "Don't open this book until you have time read the entire thing".  This second installment in The Others series has all of the humor and magic and sweet romance of WRITTEN  IN RED, but this time with a threat that takes the stakes to a global level.  This series is fascinating and heartwarming, and I treasure each new page that adds to its world.

While WRITTEN IN RED is already a favorite that I've read time and time again, on rereads I always skip the chapters featuring Asia Crane's point of view.  A venial, catty villain, she was the weakest part of the book for me.  In MURDER OF CROWS, I know I'll be back work for word.  In MURDER OF CROWS, Bishop continues to develop the interplay between Lakeside's Others and their human neighbors, but also gives us a glimpse of human/ Other relations around the world.  Having more serious stakes makes MURDER OF CROWS a better balanced book than it's predecessor, matching the intimate, funny, and juvenile friendships within the Courtyard against political pressures that could raise the world around them.

MURDER OF CROWS continues to develop this sweet, simple heroine and the otherworldly creatures around her.  Whether romantic or platonic, Bishop does a fantastic job exploring how relationships bring complications, consequences, and gifts. For fans of WRITTEN IN RED, this next installment was worth the wait. For those still on the fence about this series, MURDER OF CROWS has all of the intricate world-building and heartwarming friendships of it's predecessor, but with genuine stakes to match.

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  1. Mina

    Just ordered Murder of Crows – and I so can’t wait to read it!!! And thanks to your review, I now know that my high hopes for the sequel won’t be disappointed. Thanks so much!