Review & Giveaway: Kinked (Elder Races, #6) by Thea Harrison

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Review & Giveaway: Kinked (Elder Races, #6) by Thea HarrisonKinked by Thea Harrison
Series: Elder Races, #6
Published by Berkley on November 5, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 304 pages
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
Sexual Content: multiple graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
4 Stars

Two opponents must confront the cause of their obsessive fury in the latest Novel of the Elder Races…

As a harpy, Sentinel Aryal is accustomed to dealing with hate, but Sentinel Quentin Caeravorn manages to inspire in her a burning ire unlike anything she’s ever known. Aryal believes the new Sentinel to be a criminal, and vows to take him out as soon as the opportunity arises. But the harpy’s incessant wrath has pushed Quentin to the limit, and forces him to make a deadly vow of his own.

To put an end to the conflict, Dragos, Lord of the Wyr, sends them on a reconnaissance mission to the Elven land of Numenlaur. Forced to work together, Aryal and Quentin’s mutual antagonism escalates. Each fight draws forth more passion—culminating in an explosively sexual confrontation. But when their quest reveals real danger, Aryal and Quentin must resolve their differences in ways beyond the physical, before the entire Wyr is threatened

I was apprehensive going into KINKED as I found Aryal plain mean, surly, and abrasive in the previous books of the Elder Races.  At first I continued to be seriously annoyed with her as she was super stubborn and generally horrible to people but after spending time in her POV I grew to understand her better and even began to like her misanthropic ways in the end. She's incredibly tough, super snarky and also super loyal. I admired that while she does grow and change her perspective about people in KINKED she never changes who she is; a badass fighter who will have your back if she likes you that is...

Aryal's relationship with Quentin was fascinating to read as these two truly hate each other for their own prejudicial ways. I was left wondering just how exactly they were going to go from plotting each other's murder to being in love.  Luckily they go through so much physically and emotionally in KINKED that by the end I adored them together. They are both incredibly flawed which makes them and their relationship more realistic and I enjoyed that Quentin also didn't change who he was either once he realized his feeling for Aryal. There is a lot of eroticism and touches of BDSM in KINKED which was fun to read and fit with Quentin and Aryal's personalities. It was also neat to see two very dominate characters fight to find a satisfying middle ground in their relationship as neither one is willing to be really submissive.

Aside from Aryal and Quentin's sexy, erotic relationship  the actual plot was pretty interesting albeit kind of light since the story mostly focuses on Aryal and Quentin. There is no real forward momentum in the series story arc but I actually didn't mind since the drama between Aryal and Quentin was plenty entertaining.  I also continue to absolutely adore Harrison's world building and her detailed descriptions of places.

KINKED is a deliciously erotic paranormal romance set in the absolutely stunning world of the Elder Races. I look forward to seeing what is in store next for these wonderfully rich characters in the Elder Races series.

Series Titles:
  1. Dragon Bound – 4/5
  2. Storm’s Heart – 4/5
  3. Serpent’s Kiss – 4/5
  4. Oracle’s Moon – 5/5
  5. Lord's Fall -4/5
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30 Responses to “Review & Giveaway: Kinked (Elder Races, #6) by Thea Harrison”

  1. Linda Townsend

    I’ve enjoyed every one of the Elder Races novels, but my TWO favorites have both featured Dragos and Pia… Dragon Bound and Lord’s Fall. I’m so excited to read more about Peanut soon! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Anne

    I don’t have a favorite yet. I haven’t started the series, but have it on my list.

  3. Phyllis Marshall

    I have been reading this series from the moment it came out. The world that Thea has created for us is wonderful, and her characters well developed, bringing us into their lives with ease. You can’t help but care about them. Been waiting for Aryal’s story from the start and I am looking forward to reading it.

  4. Janie McGaugh

    I haven’t read any, yet, though I’ve got a couple of them on my TBR pile(s).

  5. Lover of Romance

    I have just loved this series, but haven’t had a chance to read Kinked yet. I loved your thoughts on this one. I just love Harrison’s style with this series.

  6. Mirlou

    I started this series recently, I just read the first two books. I can say that I preferred the first book Dragon Bound.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. kathleen parrish

    Excellent addition to one of my favorite series. Quentin is definitely high maintenance – but so worth it! Aryal has the fierce, reckless bravery so many female protagonists lack- yet she’s amazingly sensible under all that wildness. No wonder she’s Dragos’ choice for investigations. Be interesting to see what
    kind of mother she makes… now that would be funny!

  8. Robin Greene

    I’ve bought the book but I haven’t had the chance to read it yet. I’m looking forward to it!

  9. Viki S.

    I don’t have a favorite as I have loved each one. Dragon Bound was the first in the series so you can use that :).

  10. Kai W.

    It’s Dragon Bound. If it wasn’t so good, I wouldn’t be following this series.

  11. Eva Millien

    I loved them all, but if you insist on me picking just one, it would be Storm’s Heart. Thanks for sharing Kinked, I can’t wait to read this one. Thanks for the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

  12. Shelley

    My favorite has been Dragon Bound but I also really enjoyed Lord’s Fall.