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A big welcome to Lynn Viehl who is here to telling us about how she rewrote history for her new Disenchanted & Co. series and celebrating the release of the first book, HER LADYSHIP’S CURSE (published on August 12, 2013 by Pocket Star). Want to win a Victorian prize pack? Enter via the widget below.

The Corsets Have to Go


Lynn Viehl

One of the benefits of writing an urban fantasy series set in a parallel universe is that the world belongs to you. You get to name it, build it from the dirt up, and populate it with whoever and whatever you want. You write the history and decide the outcome of all important events; you also make all the rules. Some writers refer to it as playing God, but when you world-build like this you almost have to take on God’s job (at least on paper.)

Her Ladyship's Curse (Disenchanted & Co., #1)Creating the universe for my Disenchanted & Co. series provided me with the chance to go back in time and reimagine America as a country that didn’t win the War of Independence but remained a part of the British empire. Goodbye, coffee, hello tea. My protagonist, a private investigator who specializes in crimes of magic and exposing the charlatans behind them, isn’t what you’d consider the usual Victorian-era lady, either.

There were plenty of things about our world I would change, but in constructing the Toriana universe I had to resist the usual selfish temptations. Making all my ancestors six-foot-tall Scandinavians with unimaginable wealth and perfect skin would have been lovely, but then I probably would never have become a writer, and then there would be no books. To avoid the authorial paradox I focused on eliminating the little things that nearly everyone finds especially annoying, painful or just plain revolting. For example:

Algebra: Instead of bedeviling hundreds of generations of students by writing his ground-breaking, problem-solving Arithmetica and inventing Algebra, in my world the ancient Greek mathematician Diophantus decided to devote himself to something much more pleasant: gardening. In Toriana he’s known as the Founding Father of Flowerbeds.
Castor Oil: This repulsive substance is used only to lubricate machinery in my universe. Moms who want their kids to be regular resort to nicer methods, like dosing them with batches of oatmeal-date cookies.

Corsets: I reworked this instrument of torture disguised as lingerie to be worn on the outside of garments, more like a belt, and to be much more comfortable and easier to remove. P.S., females in my Toriana universe with unnatural, hour-glass figures are considered bizarre-looking and unattractive.

Head Lice: Really, do I even have to explain this one?

Lay and Lie: These two are now completely interchangeable words that have no specific rule of usage in the English language. That goes for farther and further and sit and set, too.

Poison Ivy: Have you ever been a six-year-old sent to Girl Scout camp with counselors who didn’t know what it looked like, so when they took you on a hike they led you directly through a patch of it? I have. If not, do you know how painful the resulting rash was and how long it took before said miserable first grader recovered? That’s why.

His Lordship Possessed (Disenchanted & Co., #2)

Pantyhose: This ranks #2 on my Absolutely Must Go list, just after corsets. Of course it won’t be invented until 1959 in our universe, but when that year rolls around in mine the gentleman who actually came up with this stupid idea will instead say to his very pregnant wife, “Leave off your stockings, dear. I think you’re beautiful bare-legged.”

Roaches: You know how they say they’ll survive anything? Yeah, well, not in my universe.

Spaghetti Squash: Of all the vegetables my mother insisted I eat when I was a kid it was the only kind I flatly refused to try. This was because my cousin Arnold told me the fibers were actually worms. So you’ll understand why I created the dreaded Arnold slug, which only ate spaghetti squash and thus wiped out the world’s supply of it before promptly going extinct.

Telephones: They have not yet been invented in my universe, probably because my people are too busy writing long, lovely letters, leaving elegant calling cards and flowers, and talking to each other face-to-face. I figure if they keep it up I can eventually free mankind from technological slavery by eliminating Facebook, Twitter and texting, too.

On August 12th you can have a look at my much-improved Toriana universe when Her Ladyship’s Curse, the first e-book in the series, is released — or if you’re impatient to see how I changed the world, enter my giveaway here at All Things Urban Fantasy and have a chance to win signed and bound print galley copies of the first two e-books, Her Ladyship’s Curse and His Lordship Possessed, along with some other goodies, all packed up in a handmade silk and beaded quilted tote. My giveaway is open to everyone in this universe, so please join in.

 Since 2000, author LYNN VIEHL has published fifty novels in nine genres, including her New York Times bestselling Darkyn series, the StarDoc SF series (as S.L. Viehl) and the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn series (as Rebecca Kelly). Ranked as one of the top 100 female, top 50 book, and top 10 SF author bloggers on the Internet, Ms. Viehl hosts Paperback Writer, a popular industry weblog she has updated daily since 2004 with free market info, working advice, and online resources for all writers.

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Victorian Prize Pack which includes:

A handmade beaded and quilted silk tote
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A Victorian crafted fabric picture frame
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All Things Urban Fantasy giveaway tote


Available on August 12, 2013 by Pocket Star


In a steampunk version of America that lost the Revolutionary War, Charmian (Kit) Kittredge makes her living investigating crimes of magic. While Kit tries to avoid the nobs of high society, she follows mysteries wherever they lead.

Unlike most Torians Kit doesn’t believe in magic, but she can’t refuse to help Lady Diana Walsh, who believes a curse is viciously wounding her while she sleeps. As Kit investigates the Walsh family, she becomes convinced that the attacks are part of a more ominous plot—one that may involve the lady’s obnoxious husband.

Sleuthing in the city of Rumsen is difficult enough, but soon Kit must also skirt the unwanted attentions of a nefarious deathmage and the unwelcome scrutiny of the police Chief Inspector. Unwilling to surrender to either man’s passion for her, Kit struggles to remain independent as she draws closer to the heart of the mystery. The truth promises to ruin her life—and turn Rumsen into a supernatural battleground from which no one will escape alive.

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118 Responses to “Guest Blog & Giveaway: Lynn Viehl says The Corsets Have to Go & win Her Ladyship’s Curse”

  1. Tina B.

    I love your books! Can’t wait to read this new world you’ve created. Cheers!

    • lynnviehl

      Thanks for the warm welcome, Abigail, and the very kind words, Tina. I am definitely keeping you both in my parallel universe. 🙂

  2. Aly P

    I love your writing style! I can’t wait to read all your books since I only found out about you a few months ago 🙂

    I don’t think I’d change anything.. I’d add teleportation as a normal means of transportation!

    • lynnviehl

      Thanks, Aly, and I’m happy to say that something like teleportation does exist in my Toriana universe, as you can see in My Lord Mayhem, the free e-book I wrote for this series launch (

      I’d really like to have a teleportation device I could point at something and use it to send it elsewhere. I’d simply have to figure out what place on Earth would welcome bad drivers, badgering telemarketers, and beets. 🙂

  3. jennifer mathis


  4. Babel

    Well, one of the things I’d get rid of is that cat-hating mania on films where the cat is always the villain and is depicted as mean and the hero is always the dog which is the victim of the feline plot. Yeap, irritating. And I’m not a cat ;o)

  5. Karin

    If I was writing a story,I would get rid of all of those stupid horror movies,with those stupid girls

    • lynnviehl

      I share your sentiments, Karin, and I never understand why when the movie girl hears that frightening noise in her house while she’s alone that she simply MUST go, completely unarmed, to see what it is. I’d be out the window, running down the block and calling 911 — as would any real woman, yes?

  6. JenM

    If I were writing my own universe, I’d get rid of allergies. They serve absolutely no useful purpose and because of mine, I can’t have any pets even though I love animals.

  7. Danielle D

    I’d get rid of transportation for my story – why can’t we just be where we need to be, when we need to be? TELEPORTATION!!

    • lynnviehl

      Danielle, you and Aly need to work on a universe together! Lol.

      If we can’t get rid of transportation, I’d like to make it simpler and healthier. Perhaps by eliminating all the cars and trucks and buses and having everyone travel by bicycle. Would probably help everyone live a bit longer, too. 🙂

  8. Sandyl

    I would definitely get rid of stink bugs and ticks. Or they would so large that they would be monsters and my characters would form a special league to kill them.

    • lynnviehl

      I’m not exactly fond of bugs, either, Sandy, but let’s not make them the size of a Volkswagon. Or if we do, we should give them some kind of impact-injury vulnerability so that one kick causes them to disintegrate into a cloud of dust. 🙂

  9. Michelle K

    I love the reasons for getting rid of things from your alternate universe! I second getting rid of allergens, too

    • lynnviehl

      Thanks, Michelle, and if there is any way to rid my universe of allerens, I’ll find it. Maybe I could invent a magical version of a personal HEPA shield . . . . 🙂

  10. Shanae

    Just now getting into the steampunk genre, so I will most definitely have to look into your alternate universe!

    • lynnviehl

      If you want to test-drive my Toriana universe first, Shanae, check out the free e-book on my series blog — it’s free for anyone to read, download, print out, etc., and it includes an excerpt from Her Ladyship’s Curse.

  11. Jae Lee

    I’d get rid of bugs, period. But make sure that the ecosystem had some way of compensating for their functions. This series sounds like fun, I’m off to add it to my tbr list.

    • lynnviehl

      I appreciate the support, Jae Lee. It would be nice to switch out bugs with something nicer to handle their part in the biosphere; my daughter would probably vote for tinier versions of her two favorite critters, lizards and hamsters. 🙂

  12. Betty Hamilton

    How wonderful! These books sound like such great reads! I would love to win them!

  13. Natalie Cleary

    Hmmm, dont suppose I can say people 😉 I think Id get rid of creepy crawlies!! Hate them. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I love the sound of the books and have added them to my (massive) wish list.

    • lynnviehl

      I think there are people in every universe we’d all like to be rid of, Natalie — but without them around, we’d probably never fully appreciate the genuinely wonderful souls who make our lives better.

  14. Anne

    I would get rid of trucks and SUV’s. A blight and obstacles.

    • lynnviehl

      Anne, can I amend your wish with the hope that the drivers of those monster vehicles who choose to text while behind the wheel could go poof along with them?

  15. Jennifer

    August 12 cannot get here fast enough! I’m glad Toriana doesn’t have pantyhose or poison ivy…just makes me want to visit that much more!

    • lynnviehl

      Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer, and I promise to keep Toriana free of panty-hose, poison ivy and other such itchy, uncomfortable plagues. 🙂

  16. Ron Pratt

    Looks great!
    I’m writing a story now where are no cell phones

    • lynnviehl

      Isn’t it fun (and a relief) to exempt your world from cell phones, Ron? Now if only we could do the same with IRS audits and root canals…

  17. Robin

    Love your list of things that don’t exist in your world. I think my favorite is the cockroach. I think I’d add Prunes and 30-pound school books. Trying carrying those suckers around all day.

    • lynnviehl

      Oh, prunes, ick, they definitely have to go, Robin. Books in my universe are affordable only by the wealthy and elite, but common folks are still using scrolls, which are much lighter to carry. 🙂

  18. erinf1

    thank for the fun post! Ummm… I’d get rid of traffic. everyone walks or teleports 🙂

    • lynnviehl

      I’d love to visit a universe where everyone walks or jogs, Erin — my dogs would never want to leave, lol. If I remember correctly, there was once an old Star Trek NG episode about a planet much like that, too . . .

  19. Anne

    Cell phones. I have one for emergency use only. I think it’s ridiculous how people (think they) can’t live without them.

    • lynnviehl

      I own one dumb phone myself, Anne. My guy insists I carry it in case I break down somewhere. I even show it to people to amaze them with the fact that all it does is make phone calls. You can’t believe how much that horrifies the youngsters.

  20. wanda

    Those blue tooths people walk around talking you think they say something to you so you ask huh or reply and their look at you like you’re the crazy one they really bug me lol.

    • lynnviehl

      I agree 100%, Wanda — and is there anything more annoying that standing in line behind one of those Bluetooth-rigged blockheads and being forced to listen to their silly conversations?

    • lynnviehl

      Great suggestion, Kyla — those two annoyances top my Things I Really Dislike about Summer list. 🙂

  21. Stephanie F.

    I’d get rid of roaches and mosquitos. Which in turn would get rid of a lot of diseases so yay on two points lol. I’d love teleportation, not having to drive hours to my favorite places would be awesome.
    Can’t wait o read this series. I have become addicted to steampunk. I love all the aspects of it, adding the old with the new.

    • lynnviehl

      The added bonus of teleportation would be no frisking by the TSA — something I gladly vote for, Stephanie.

      Steampunk is such a fun genre, plus the research is a blast, too. Tomorrow I’m heading to a Steampunk-themed antique show to get some inspiration for the next bacth of Toriana books, and I can’t wait to see all the punked-out vintage stuff.

    • lynnviehl

      I don’t mind snakes so much (they keep our local rodent population under control) as long as they stay out of the house, bn — and the few who have slipped indoors always meet the pets and decide to slither back out again.

  22. Nicola w

    Hi! As I work in a school, head lice are definitely near the top of my list, but currently my number 1 to leave out would be horse-flies. Blasted things keep biting me and I get an intense allergic reaction. (not life threatenning, just very swollen, painful and itchy)

    • Nicola w

      I meant to say – I haven’t read any of your books yet. But these are definitely going on my TBR list. They sound great!

      • lynnviehl

        Thanks — and if you want to try out the universe before investing, do check out the free e-book on my series blog.

    • lynnviehl

      I live in the country, Nicola, and we’re surrounded by cow pastures and horse farms. Fortunately the horse-flies tend to stay around the livestock, but when one strays over the fence to buzz around me when I’m walking the dogs I run the other way. Hateful things always bite my daughter, too, who has the same allergy as you have.

  23. Márcia

    I’d get rid of diseases and everyone would live a long happy life 🙂

  24. Eva Millien

    Cell Phones, definitely would get rid of those. Very annoying. Thanks for sharing the awesome post and giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

    • lynnviehl

      We just got back from dinner, Eva (my guy whisked me off for a quick date) and I noticed we were practically the only people in the restaurant not fiddling with cell phones. I miss the days when dining out meant, you know, actually dining.

    • lynnviehl

      I honestly can’t remember the last time I wrote a check, Stephanie — I always try to pay in cash (hurts more than using a credit card, so I’m a bit thriftier) or use my debit card. All my bills are paid electronically now, too. I wonder if checks will actually survive much longer in our universe . . .

  25. Chelsea B.

    This series sounds stunning!
    Any kind of bugs that bite– they are attracted to me, for some strange reason.

    • lynnviehl

      I appreciate the kind words, Chelsea, and I share your problem — whenever we go out at night during the Summer I have to wear long sleeves and slacks or the little fiends eat me alive. My guy, on the other hand, could put on shorts and walk five miles through a mosquito-infested swamp and just end up with damp sneakers.

  26. Jess S.

    Your new world sounds pretty cool. No poison ivy, no cockroaches, no corsets… Well, looser corsets that are fashion accessories rather than straight jackets are ok. I kind of like that they’ve come back into fashion that way.

    I’d love to get rid of spiders but then I’d have to create some other creature to eat all the excess bugs. Unless I got rid of those too…

    • lynnviehl

      To replace the spiders I’d go with bats and birds, Jess; they might do the trick (although bats still give me the creeps a bit.)

  27. Janie McGaugh

    I’d get rid of all the bloodsuckers (the real ones, though the figurative ones, would be nice to get rid of too!) such as mosquitoes, ticks, leaches, etc.

  28. Barbara Elness

    These books have already been on my radar, and I’m looking forward to reading the series. If I were writing a story, I think I’d get rid petroleum products – gasoline, diesel fuel, etc. Steam or electric power for vehicles would be much preferable and make the atmosphere cleaner. 😀

    • lynnviehl

      Ah, you’ve hit on one of my soft spots for steampunk, Barbara — the chance to use steam versus petroleum products for industrialization. I’ve also added keroseel, a kind of all-natural liquid biofuel that burns clean, powers steam boilers and produces zero emissions.

  29. Susan S.

    I would have to say cell phones. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • lynnviehl

      Happy to be here, Susan, and thanks to all of you for stopping in to comment. Cell phones seem to be overtaking the #1 spot on the list of everything we want out of the universe. I should call Verizon and tell them, lol.

  30. Kai W.

    It would car’s horn as alarm. At first the car horn alarm was great, after awhile, they are became irritating. They go off in the morning, afternoon,evening, and night.

    • lynnviehl

      I used to live in South Florida, aka the lightning capital of the U.S., Kai. Every time we had a bad thunderstorm the lightning strikes would set off most of the cars with those car-horn alarms and drive me crazy for hours.

  31. Emily E

    Totally selfish, I want to get rid of perfume, and therefore my headaches. Which sort of fits into the category of getting rid of allergens and petrochemicals. Those chemical by-products are nasty. Why does anyone need to add fragrance to bug poison?

    • lynnviehl

      I don’t think that’s selfish at all. I’m not as sensitive as you are, Emily, but I do wish ladies (and certain gentlemen) would abstain from dousing themselves with perfumes or colognes when they know they’re going to be into crowded places. Being close to someone who uses too much of that stuff for too long makes my eyes tear and my sinuses shut down. The worst is being trapped in an elevator with them.

      We started getting rid of chemicals in our home a while back, opting for natural and eco-friendly cleaners and such, and we completely stopped using fertilizer and insecticides. My primary concern was that we were basically poisoning ourselves (our water comes from a well, so everything that goes into the ground ends up in the reservoir eventually.) Now we use things like citrus oil to discourage the creepy crawlies from coming in. Not only did we all breathe easier, but I stopped getting the regular skin rashes I’ve had for years that I had always blamed on the heat.

  32. Mary Preston

    I’d get rid of guns – all of them – un-invent them.

  33. Tamlyn

    Earwigs. I don’t mind keeping some bugs, but not earwigs. And reality shows. I think we’ll just have to do a clean sweep there – the half decent ones aren’t worth risking the others.

    • lynnviehl

      I’d say let’s un-invent television altogether, Tamlyn, but then my mother would throttle me. On the other hand, making earwigs go away would be a universal public service.

  34. Regan

    If I were writing a story I think I’d get rid of reality television!

    • lynnviehl

      I think it’s funny that they call it reality television, too, Regan — is there anything further from reality than those ridiculous celeb shows?

  35. Anne V.

    Underwire bras. Almost as bad as corsets. I’d also like to vote for nylons being banished!

    • lynnviehl

      I can’t wear underwires, Anne, but try to buy a bra sized for a full figured girl that doesn’t have them! I swear, striking gold is easier.

      • Anne V.

        Amen! I am that full figured gal and when I find something that even remotely works and doesn’t cost me the gold I struck hunting for this mythical piece of clothing, I do a dance of jubilation!

  36. lynnviehl

    It’s time for me to turn in, but before I head off to dreamland I’d like to thank Abigail & Kate for having me as a guest here today at All Things Urban Fantasy. It was delightful to chat with all of you in comments, too. Take care, keep reading, and good luck with the giveaway!

  37. June M.

    Hmmm, hard to pick whether to get rid of the underwire bras (they always end up poking me!) or the way people use electronics/social media way too much. I don’t think my nieces move without their cells and everything seems to end up on FB or twitter. I have even found out about my grandmother being hospitalized on FB because my aunts & uncles post it but yet can’t figure out how to use the phone to CALL someone to tell them. Geez, today I was in the restroom at a store and could actually hear someone texting (you know that sound some phones make, not a click but a little ping kind of noise when they are texting) while they were using the restroom (actually in the stalls). NOTHING is that important, lol.

  38. sienny

    i love how you describe the world of your book. and i really curious if castor oil is really that repulsive..

  39. Silvia Fugate

    If I was writing a story I would get rid of how we automatically judge others by their appearance. We assume someone larger is lazy, someone in dirty clothing must be a slob and so forth. It seems to be in our nature to just assign labels to everyone instead of taking the time to find out who a person really is. I have come across this myself as well while battling food addiction and a thyroid that hates me! I have lost quite a bit of weight already but people look at me like I am a liar when I tell them I work out and try to eat healthy. I find it unfair to judge anyone by race or appearance.

  40. Riley

    Thanks for getting rid of nylons. I personally gave them up years ago! They were really a terrible idea. In another world, I would like to get rid of allergies. I don’t want to get rid of the things that cause allergies. I personally would really miss peanut butter.

    Only 8 more days until Amazon sends me a great new book to read. I’m looking forward to it!

  41. Melliane

    thanks for the nice post! What a difficult question, I don’t know if I would get ride of something… I would definitely forget things I’m sure, and I would add many things but otherwise I think it’s the only one think I would work on.

  42. Laís Roque

    OMG INSECTS!! I know that it’s breaking the food chain but I can’t leave my house in shorts without repellent! truly hateee!!

  43. Michelle Bledsoe

    Hi Lynn, I am loving your books.
    I’m not really sure what I would get rid of in this world. Although what annoys me sometimes is that with all the advanced technology we have, some things are not made faster by those advances…LOL

  44. Michelle Bledsoe

    Hi Lynn, I am loving your books.
    I’m not really sure what I would get rid of in this world. Although what annoys me sometimes is that with all the advanced technology we have, some things are not made faster by those advances…LOL

  45. Sebella Blue

    Salaries and perks for politicians. Those who serve do so out of a genuine desire to better the populace and not a desire to line their pockets.

  46. Texas Book Lover

    Not sure if it counts but I would love to do a way with the need to clean and have everything just stay magically stay clean all on its own.

  47. Joyce M.

    Don’t know if this was mentioned but how about a 3 day work week & get paid for 5days.

  48. Mary G Loki

    TRAFFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahha! No more traffic! XD

  49. Linda

    Cramps!! I can do what I want with my book/world, right? ;D
    No more cramps, heck, no more periods. I´ll solve the babies on any other way *nods*
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Monday!

  50. Lanaia

    These books look amazing, steampunk is my favorite genre!
    If I was writing a story, I would get rid of boys who are jerks and spoiled girls – I think contemporary fiction books are full of those. Maybe that’s why I prefer reading historical fiction, I like how people are generally nicer (but possibly with some witty sarcasm!) I would also add magic and some paranormal creatures, at least vampires!

  51. Kimberly

    I’m on pins and needles for your upcoming release. You left out two others two others Calculus (is for Jeopardy only) and Trigonometry…who needs to know degrees of shapes?
    Why make the world more complicated than it is. You can’t out a square peg in a round hole. That’s enlightenment enough.

  52. Hanna Cage

    Can I say, I usually don’t enter giveaways because I am trying very hard to be ereader-only, but I just can’t resist your beautiful totes. 🙂 I’ve entered every one so far (I hope)!

    I would get rid of chain restaraunts. Chain anything, really. Or maybe just wipe McDonalds from the minds of my children.

  53. Dawn Montgomery

    If you were writing a story, what annoying thing from our world would you get rid of?

    Fire ants. When I was a teenager a guy came to the Houston area with a way to get rid of all the fire ants. He used this spray and it caused them disappear by the following year. What he didn’t do was continue the experiment into the second year. It seems his great invention forced them to hibernate underground and make lots of new ants. So by year two the area exploded with them. Now there are these other ants which eat the fire ants, but they’re attracted to electrical equipment so foul those up. LOL.

  54. Denise Z

    What a tough question, what annoying things would I get rid of – well I think I would likely get rid of whiny behaviors by teenage girls or better yet – BAD Coffee. Yes coffee should only be wonderful where ever we are! Thank you for sharing with us.

  55. Erika

    I would get rid of bullying/people hating on others different than them. Thanks!

  56. Lori Ha

    Do I have to name just one? I guess annoying bugs-fleas, ticks, flies, and mosquitoes. And diets…
    Thanks 🙂

  57. Jo Owen

    First thing to go would be arbitary etiquette – especially the rule that it is rude to read at the dining table (a much better rule would be that it is the height of bad manners to interupt a person reading for pleasure).
    Also, the people who dreamed up ‘Celebrity Culture’ and Reality Television should have been strangled at birth.

  58. Katy L

    Looking forward to this. I loved the Darkyn books. Other commenters have already mentioned a large number of my pet peeves, but I’d like to add bad manners in general and permissive parents who let their children behave badly in public places.

  59. Van P.

    I love steampunk, can’t wait to read your books! If I had to get rid of one thing it would be mean/bullies people lol.

  60. Lingeorge

    I love the list of what you would do away with. Since I live in “The Hills” I would do without mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and rattlesnakes.

  61. Natalie

    Cell phones!! Nowadays you always see everyone constantly texting or going on the internet on their phones. How do they have conversations with people?! I cannot imagine having to incorporate that into a novel. I’d rather just pretend that people are not obsessed with electronics 🙂

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