Deadly Destinations: Shona Husk’s Caspian Mort on Annwyn & win THE OUTCAST PRINCE

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Today’s Deadly Destination is from Shona Husk‘s Caspian Mort on Annwyn from THE OUTCAST PRINCE Annwyn #1 (published on July 2 2013 by Sourcebooks). Want to win a copy? Enter via the widget below.

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Shona Husk’s Caspian Mort short guide to surviving Annwyn from THE OUTCAST PRINCE

Fairies are as beautiful as they are dangerous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, especially a fairy. They take delight in tricking humans into making deals or coercing them to cross the veil to Annwyn. I know this better than most mortals because I’m half fairy, a changeling. A changeling is either a gifted human or a fairy with a soul depending on your view point.

All my life I’ve tried to avoid all things fairy, pretending I don’t see them and that I am human. That worked out fine until recently. The only thing more dangerous than a fairy is a banished fairy as they will do anything to return to Annwyn and by any means. Crossing paths with a Grey got me a summons to Court from my father, the Crown Prince and a man I’ve never met.

You might think that being a changeling protects me from the dangers of Annwyn, unfortunately because I have a soul I can be trapped like any human. There are however a few simple rules for surviving Annwyn.

  1. Don’t eat the food. This is the most important one, once a human eats the food they become beholden to the Court.
  2. Don’t drink the wine. To a fairy it is non-alcoholic, however there are side effect for humans…and if you drink it you become beholden to the Court (you see the theme here?). If you do accidentally let food or drink pass your lips you will be required to make a deal to get free—usually your first born or your soul. First born to a fairy means your child will be born in Annwyn and will be fairy.
  3. Don’t dance. This sounds easy, but trust me when I say it’s not. The music is different, it gets into your blood and makes you want to fall into step. And once in step you can only be freed by the King. Of course you might find yourself so dazzled by the beauty that you agree to stay. Plenty of people have, and some have even been happy. However when the Court tires of you, you will be thrown back across the veil and you might find years have passed. Time moves differently in Annwyn.
  4. Don’t accept gifts from fairies as then you will be in their debt. This never ends well for humans. If they insist give them something in exchange, even a button, as it is the giving not the value of the gift that is important.
  5. Don’t make deals as you will never get exactly what you want, but the fairy will get everything. You will just be a cog in their elaborate plan that will probably take centuries to unravel. They like long running intrigues and they have time to plot and execute them.

While I’m not saying avoid fairies and Annwyn—Annwyn truly is beautiful, the castle is a majestic living building—it is the world that bridges the gap between life and death and should be treated with caution. Annwyn is the home of the prettiest, most polite and most deadly creatures you’ll ever meet.

 Three time ARRA finalist Shona Husk lives in Western Australia at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Blessed with a lively imagination she spent most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered romance novels and hasn’t looked back. Drawing on history and myth, she weaves new worlds and writes heroes who aren’t afraid to get hurt while falling in love. With stories ranging from sensual to scorching, she is published with Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing and Sourcebooks.

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1 copy of The Outcast Prince


Available on July 2 2013 by Sourcebooks


Just One Taste Is All It Takes…

This is no ordinary mirror. Caspian caught a hint of color, a whirl of a waltz just past his reflection—a glimpse into the decadent Fairy Court of Annwyn. The home he could never have. It called to him, whispering temptation after temptation…if he could only reclaim his rightful heritage.

To Be Forever Lost…

Caspian has an even stronger reason to stay in the world of humans. He’s just met a woman who captivates him like no other. But loving him has proven to be dangerous. And he will do whatever it takes to protect Lydia from the vicious, seductive world of Court—even if doing so requires the ultimate sacrifice: his soul.

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47 Responses to “Deadly Destinations: Shona Husk’s Caspian Mort on Annwyn & win THE OUTCAST PRINCE”

  1. miki

    i think i would prefer a shapeshifters but perhaps it will change after reading this book^^

    thank you a lot for the giveaway!

  2. Lanaia

    Thank you for an international giveaway! This looks like an interesting book. I haven’t read anything by Shona Husk yet, but now I saw she writes adult paranormal/ urban fantasy, I will check out her books.

  3. Emilia

    Definitely vampire though I’m tempted to say both vampire and shifter. Lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Sebella Blue

    I have come across some very munchable examples of all three beings in my literary travails. So, that would be an enthusiastic yes.

  5. Márcia

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would be more happy to date either a vampire or a shapeshifter 😉

  6. lais

    totally a shapeshifter: strong,protective and hoooooooooot!!!

  7. erinf1

    thanks for the fun post! Ummm… I think any of them 🙂 as long as I was a date and not dinner!

  8. Kirsten

    I’d have to go with either a vampire or a shapeshifter. I’ve never come across a sexy goblin before. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Mary G Loki

    A goblin sounds fun to hang out with! So does a shapeshifter; if he was a pooka! 😀 Pooka’s like to create mischief so he would be fun to be with!!!

  10. Janie McGaugh

    Obviously, it would depend on which universe/world I’m in, but there are definitely some universes where I’d date a vampire!

  11. JenM

    I like books with the Fae. I will have to check this one out. I would totally date a shapeshifter because he could keep me warm at night, but I don’t know about the other two.

  12. Eva Millien

    I will take the rules for visiting Anwyn into consideration when I visit. I would love to date either a vampire or a shifter. I think it would be cool. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  13. Barbara Elness

    I’d like to say a vampire, but to be honest, I’d probably choose a shapeshifter, when they’re in their human form they just seem more normal. 😀

  14. Tamlyn

    Shifter. Gobblins in my head are little, green, bald round heads, pointed ears, and so on. Perhaps I’ll chanve my mind if I read this book.

  15. Denise Z

    Yeah . . . I think I have to go with the shifter; my imagination for the vamp or goblin is just not there, of course maybe if you threw in some glitter 😉

  16. Biki

    Yes, I’d prefer a shifter I think but you never know with the other two 🙂

  17. Michele A

    Would depend on the individual himself, so wouldn’t matter if vamp, shifter, goblin, or any other. 🙂

  18. Mary Preston

    I kind of like the idea of a goblin. Could be interesting.

  19. Filia Oktarina

    I kind of like to date Shifter, though vampire can too.

  20. Kristia

    I would date all three lol 🙂 If I had to choose I’d say a vampire! Thank you for the int giveaway!

  21. munchkin

    hhhmmm, hard to decide- all sure could be interesting …..
    this series sounds really good- thanks for the chance to win !

  22. Joani S

    I haven’t read any of Shona’s books but I’ve heard good things about them, they are on my wish list. I think I’d date any of the above depending on which “world” we’re talking about. Some people’s vamps no way, others def! Thanks!!

  23. Stephanie

    I’ve always preferred shapeshifters but if goblins look anything like the cover model on the book I might have to change my mind.

  24. Sarah Meral

    Thanks for the internation giveaway 🙂

    I think I would take the shapeshifter…

  25. Jasmyn

    I’ve always been a sucker for shifters. Although some of the more recent golbin lore (the ones without the green skin) sound pretty fun too.

  26. Chelsea B.

    Jeepers… I don’t know! I guess I’d have to get to know all three of them before I decide 😉

  27. mandy miller

    Goblins! But only if they are from Shona’s shadowlands… Otherwise? Shifters.

  28. Texas Book Lover

    In the real world no way but somehow I wound up as a character in a book absolutely!

  29. Dian Setyarini

    I’d date a vampire or shapeshifter. I like both of them

  30. Sweety

    I prefer shapeshifter.

    Thanks for the international giveaway!!

    Rafflecopter name – Rose Lennart