Guest Blog & Giveaway: Jocelynn Drake on Potions & Tattoos in the Asylum Tales

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A big welcome to Jocelynn Drake who is here to telling us about Magic in the Mixture: Potions & Tattoos in the Asylum Tales and celebrating the release of DEAD MAN’S DEAL, The Asylum Tales (published on May 7, 2013 by Harper Voyager). Want to win a copy? Enter via the widget below.


Magic in the Mixture: Potions & Tattoos in the Asylum Tales


Jocelynn Drake

The Asylum Tales is set in a world overflowing with magic. Some people are born with it while others come into it later in life. But magic potions are something anyone can do – though they typically are the domain of tattoo artists.

For big, flashy magic, the warlocks and witches are born with the ability to tap the energy that is the force behind magic. It’s sort of like a unique genetic marker, kind of like people who can curl their tongue. You either can or you can’t. There’s no in-between.

But for potions, the magic lies in the ingredients and not in the person. As a result, anyone can make a magic potion. You just need the right combination of ingredients mixed in the right way to get the desired results.

Now, there are naturally a few caveats to the previous statement. Otherwise, everyone would be whipping up potions to settle their problems.

Making a proper potion is more like surgery. Technically, anyone can perform brain surgery with the right training. Creating a proper potion is the same. Anyone can make a good love potion with the right training.

That is where your local tattoo artist comes along. When the tattoo artist is going through training to learn how to tattoo a person, they are also learning about potion ingredients, the necessary symbols for certain potions, and how the various potions need to be prepared. There’s a lot that goes into making a proper potion.

Another aspect is the danger that goes along with magic potions. If you don’t have the proper training, bad things can happen in brain surgery. The same goes for potions – and you really don’t want to see how badly things can go wrong if you screw up a potion.

(If you’d like to learn how badly things can go with a poorly conceived potion, check out the tattoo that Gage had trouble with in Angel’s Ink.)

Tattoo artists rose up as the gatekeepers for potions rather than a lot of other potential sources because of how most potions need to be introduced to the body. For short-term effects, the potions can be rubbed on the skin, smoked, or ingested in food or drink. However, for something that is going to last much longer, it needs to be added directly to the blood stream. The process of tattooing the potion on a person puts the potion in the person’s blood as well as in the skin so that it becomes a part of them for an extended period of time (ranging from a few years to a lifetime). When the potion is matched with certain symbols, then the effects have been known to be strengthened.

To protect both customers and tattoo artists, the Tattoo Artists and Potions Stirrers Society (TAPSS) was created. This regulatory body works to set standards for ingredients and their usage as well as certifying tattoo artists. When a tattoo artist has been certified through TAPSS, a customer can be assured that the artist completed all the necessary training, apprenticeship, and passed a series of tests.

So if you happen to stop in Asylum when you’re in Low Town next, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that Gage, Trixie, and Bronx have all been properly trained and certified through TAPSS. Whether you want a pretty dove on your ankle, or maybe a little something more in your ink to help you through a tight spot, any of the Asylum tattoo artists can help you.

 Love comes in many varied forms. There is the love of family, love of country, and love of chocolate. But for Jocelynn Drake, one truly treasured love is the love of a good story. This Midwestern native spends the majority of her time lost in the strong embrace of a good book. When she’s not hammering away at her keyboard, frowning at her monitor, or curled up with a book, she can usually be found cuddling with her cats, Harley and Demona, walking her dog Max, or flinging curses at the TV while playing a video game. Outside of books, cats, and video games, she is completely enamored of Bruce Wayne, Ezio Auditore, travel, tattoos, explosions, fast cars, and Anthony Bourdain (but only when he’s feeling really cranky).

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1 signed copy of Dead Man’s Deal


Available on May 7, 2013 by Harper Voyager


Dead Man’s Deal by Jocelynn Drake continues the dark and dangerous adventures of a magical tattoo artist begun in Angel’s Ink.

In a gritty urban fantasy world where elves, faeries, trolls, werewolves, and vampires swim free in a sea of humanity, sometimes you need an edge. Looking for a little love? Need some luck? Desperate for revenge? Gage can give you what you need. The most talented tattoo artist in town, he knows the right symbol and the right mix of ingredients and ink to achieve your heart’s desire. One tattoo is all it takes. But remember, everything has its price.

The wizards know Gage is using forbidden magic, and they intend to punish him for his transgressions. Too bad if innocent humans and monsters—entire cities—get in the way. They will quell a nascent magical uprising and Gage will be the sacrifice they need. First, though, they have to find him.

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33 Responses to “Guest Blog & Giveaway: Jocelynn Drake on Potions & Tattoos in the Asylum Tales”

  1. Josephine

    How about having a magical tattoo that let you become the animal of the tattoo – like a dragon or eagle?

  2. Rhonda Beyer

    Wow, I don’t know what I’d get..but I do know I’m going to read this series, like now. Thanks for the info and review..

  3. Rhonda Beyer

    Wow, I don’t know what I’d get..but I do know I’m going to read this series, like now. Thanks for the info and revi

  4. Rhonda Beyer

    Wow, I don’t know what I’d get..but I do know I’m going to read this series, like now. Thanks for the info and giveaway!!!!

  5. erinf1

    Thanks for the fun post and giveaway! I think I’d get a magical tattoo that was for luck 🙂

  6. KimG

    Hmmm. I already have the dragon tattoo – if I add another animal, would I be able to become either at will? ….food for thought… lol Thanks for the contest, and very much looking to reading this one. Happy Friday!

  7. Linda Townsend

    I, too, would probably go for a dragon tattoo. Ever since I started reading Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series, I’ve been in love with dragons… LOL! Thanks for the contest! I’ve not read any books by Jocelyn Drake but I’m going to have to check these out. :-)))

  8. Rebe

    I’d love to get a tattoo that would turn into a mythical creature/protector if I were in danger!

  9. Eva Millien

    I would love to have a magical dragon tattoo. It would lend me the strength of the dragon when I needed it. The use of fire. And of course I would be able to change into the dragon.

  10. [email protected] GREAT read

    Ooh I like the idea above me, although I’d want to be a werewolf! Geeky that is me! So yes, a tattoo that would allow me to turn into a werewolf and have all that strength and power and all those other good abilities, but being able to change on my own terms and not the moon phases!

  11. Jacqueline Torres

    one that would let me read people’s minds or know what they are feeling.

  12. Nora-Adrienne

    I think I’d like one that would make me invisible.. That way I could slip out of parties I really didn’t want to be at in the first place, or listen in on conversations between some of my kids or cousins.

  13. Viki S.

    The time control magical tattoo :). Then I could stop time and get caught up on things.

  14. Dora

    Probably a tatoo of the Simi from the DH series, because being able to have the little demon around would be fun, until she wanted more Diamonique than I can afford!

  15. Barbara Stephenson

    So I don’t need to sleep so I can read more 🙂

  16. Kai W.

    It would be a Celtic symbol tattoo. I do love that Celtic 3 triangles symbol.

  17. donnas

    A paw print, that lets you walk as silent and graceful as a cat can.

  18. Barbara Elness

    I would get a hawk tattoo that would allow me to fly or move really fast when needed.

  19. Heather

    hard to say what magical tattoo I would want. it would have to be something way awesome, right? this could take a while to figure out…..

  20. Natasha

    A magical animal tattoo.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. CatScott

    My magic tattoo would be of animals that I would be able to transform into by touching my tattoo! I read that in a Lori Handeland book and I always loved that idea!!

  22. Allison W

    I love this series and am excited about this book!

  23. Stephanie F

    I once saw a beautiful caduceus tattoo that had angel wings and spiraling serpents. I would love to have that with the magical ability to heal inked in it.
    Beautiful covers. As a tattoo fanatic myself they are extremely appealing.

  24. Michele

    I would ask for a tattoo to help me find true love.