Voting is open for the 2012 Paranormal Cover Art Awards!

December 1, 2012 Cover Art Awards 11

Voting is now open!  Now through December 31st you can vote via the ballot below (if you are reading this post in a feed reader or email you need to visit the post to see the ballot).  You may vote one time per computer.  The ballot will remember where you left off, so you may leave at any time and return to finish voting.

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11 Responses to “Voting is open for the 2012 Paranormal Cover Art Awards!”

  1. Tamlyn

    Is it really not possible to skip a section and come back later if I can’t decide at the moment or I want to see if the same books appear later? I don’t like this new set up! 😛

    • Abigail

      Sorry about that Tamlyn. This was the best option for us. You’ll be able to see all the covers when the winners are announced.

  2. Theodora Stacey

    I went through to see all of the covers before I voted, but when I got to the end, it says thanks for voting? What’s up with that! I didn’t even vote! What a crock

  3. Maryanne harris

    This was lots of fun I have never done anything like this and some of my favorite Authors book covers were here so that was a plus. Hope to be able to do this next year and it will be fun to see who wins what .