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We are excited to have a festive visit from Shawntelle Madison on her blog tour for KEPT,  the second book in her Coveted paranormal romance series available November 27th 2012 by Ballantine Books.  Today she is giving us a list of excellent gifts for an avid Urban Fantasy reader!  There is a giveaway attached as well!

Shawntelle Madison’s Top 10 Gifts for an Urban Fantasy Reader

As an urban fantasy reader myself, there are certain things I’d love to have, or do, on this list. By no can I say these kinds of gifts would be ever available, but if you have a spouse or significant other, you’d make their millennium if you got them one of the ten items below.


Signed set of books from Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K. Hamilon, Yasmine Galenorn, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, and Karen Marie Moning.

These ladies are prolific writers and have fantastic series. The penultimate gift for an urban fantasy groupie would be to get the signed books. All of them. And if you throw in the latest book too, you are drenched in awesomesauce.



Have a beer with some fish and chips with the Iron Druid series author Kevin Hearne.

I’ve met Kevin and he’s so nice and laid back. You’d definitely enjoy an evening with him. Don’t like fish and chips? Then just have the beers or some drinks. You know you wanna.


Hang out with Kelley Armstrong.

I’ve been lucky enough to do a signing and a panel with Kelley at the San Diego ComicCon. She is so cool. I think a reader would love to be able to sit down with her and chat about books. Not sure how this could happen for someone in the future, but here’s hoping.


Dinner with a urban fantasy cover model. (Maybe even a photo shoot afterwards?) 

I’ll be the first to say I squeed like a fan girl when a friend hooked me up with a copy of Coveted signed by the cover model Paul Marron. I haven’t had dinner with him, but I have had dinner with cover models before. And yes, it’s a difficult experience I want to repeat again and again and again. I mean look at Paul Marron as Lothaire on Kresley Cole’s cover. The man is scrumptious! Nom. Nom. Nom.


Post-apocalyptic survival kit courtesy of Ellen Connor or Ann Aguirre.

After having read Ann’s books, (she happens to be the co-writer for the pen name Ellen Connor), I believe any urban fantasy reader would be stoked, and better armed, after they got a survival kit from her. Ann is the author of the Razorland  series about a teen who lives in a post-apocalyptic society with zombies. Based on her fantastic world-building, I think she’d be the perfect person to get you settled: Twinkies (might as well grab them now), a machete, and backpack with decades-old rations.


Go ghost hunting through haunted houses with YA author Kendare Blake.

If you haven’t read or Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood you’re missing out on some great reads. I’d bet a fan would go nuts—literally—over the possibility of a fun filled day ghost-hunting. How about we take this a step further: explore an abandoned asylum with Sarah Wilson Etienne? I call shotgun for the getaway van!


Get your happy hands on a replica of Harry Dresden’s magical staff.

Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series is cool, dark, and all sorts of amazing. Any true fan of his series would probably be a happy camper if you custom ordered a staff for them with the runes and everything. (If you do a search, you might find someone actually!)


A dinner in the dark by candlelight with Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward.

Her books are incredibly hot and she has a legion of fans who’d be more than happy to light the candles and pass the plate of potatoes. The possibility of snagging this gift for a reader would be really hard, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming.


An opportunity to get an elaborate tattoo done with Stacia Kane or Yasmine Galenorn.

I don’t have a single tattoo, but I know several authors with fabulous tattoos that are delightfully wonderful to the eye. Have you seen the past episode on LA Inked where Stacia Kane gets a tattoo?   Very cool! If you had the opportunity to go to a tattoo parlor with any of these ladies, would you do it? Maybe another author?


Personally, this gift is a bit biased, but since it’s my list I’m taking liberties. A shopping spree to hoard post-holiday goodies with me—Shawntelle Madison.

I love a good deal. A 75% off sign is a beacon of happiness. Would you seriously pay for a $20.00 ornament when you can get that sucker for $5.99? I wouldn’t—matter of fact, I’m perfectly willing to browse the aisles to look for that gem in the piles. Sadly, gift #10 doesn’t exist, but if you do see me in the store and we’re both hunting for a deal, you’re perfectly welcome to join me on the hunt. 😉

So what you would you add to my list? What would make your holidays?

Shawntelle loves to write stories where something mysterious always happens. Her stories unfold in either a magical place or she drop kicks her heroine and hero into the mix of crazy magical circumstances. Her characters have been swimming around in her head for the longest of time, but its only recently that she has given into their demands and wrote down their adventures.

Why paranormal? Well, every time she thinks about writing something straight forward she gets caught in the what-if exercise. What if her hero was a werewolf or if her heroine was a nymph? How far could she go down the rabbit hole and not sound crazy? (Yet still be somewhat believable?)

Writing is one of her first loves, besides web development. She is a die hard geek who earned her undergraduate degree in Math from Iowa State University. (She even almost finished a degree in Russian Studies.)

As far as memberships, she’s a member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and Romance Writers of America (RWA).

She currently lives in Missouri with her husband and children (the Den of Evil).




Giveaway provided by Ballantine Books
One copy of KEPT by Shawntelle Madison

Kept (Coveted, #2)


Available on November 27, 2012 from Ballantine Books


Fresh from defending her pack in battle, Natalya Stravinsky, a whip-smart werewolf with a lovable neurotic streak, wants a little rest and relaxation. Once an outcast, she’s now eager to rejoin the ranks of her New Jersey pack, and has even gotten a handle on her obsessive urge to hoard holiday ornaments. Yet Nat barely has time to revel in her progress before the next crisis comes howling at her door.

Nat’s father has suddenly gone missing, captured by the Russian werewolf mafia. And as Nat steps up to save her dad from a mob boss’s deadly game, two men step in to play another round for her heart: her gorgeous alpha ex-boyfriend, Thorn, and her new flame, the sweetly sensitive wizard Nick. With her life growing more harried by the minute, Nat must stay cool, calm, and collected . . . or else risk losing everything.

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38 Responses to “Top 10 List & Giveaway: Shawntelle Madison’s Top 10 gifts for an Urban Fantasy Reader & win KEPT”

  1. Lori H.

    If I were Nat I’d hoard chocolate. Book sounds awesome. I haven’t the first one in the series so will have to purchase them both. Thanks

  2. Anne

    I would hoard food and books. I have a mini hoard of both, about 6 boxes of books, most of which I haven’t read yet and enough food in my pantry for a family of 6.

  3. Julie

    I would probably do what I already do and hoard books, lol. I liked the first book and can’t wait to read the second. Thanks for the great post and giveaway! *fingers crossed*

  4. E Moore

    I would hoard butterflys……….not live ones but anything made of butterflys LOVE THEM!!!

  5. A.H.

    What a fantastic list of Christmas gifts for the UF lover.

    I think I would hoard chocolate. Never can get enough of that stuff.

  6. Chinyere Ezinwanyi

    If I was an obsessive werewolf like Natalya, I would hoard money because money would give access to everything and everyone. But as a werewolf, a land with deer and other meat to hunt would be a must.

  7. erinf1

    Thanks for a fun post and giveaway! Congrats to Shawntelle on the newest release! Ummm… I don’t have to be a supernatural creature to hoard 🙂 I’m already hoarding books! On my shelves and kindle.

  8. Lisa

    I would hoard antiques – anything that I could make a story around. Convenient to where Nat works as well! Love this series – can’t wait to read her new one!

  9. Readsalot81

    Hoarding signed books would be my thing. (Plus, I have Coveted, signed, picked up at RWA – you were sooo nice & funny) I have an entire shelf devoted to signed books. Often copies of books I already have..but you know, SIGNED. lol

  10. Chris Bails

    I want the signed books by Laurell K Hamilton & Patricia Briggs, but also want to add Jeaniene Frost and JR Ward. Already have all their books, just need them to sign them.
    My ultimate gift would be a very large gift card for either barnes & Noble, or Half-Price books. I would also love a Kindle or a KindleFire. I already have a nook, and have a kindle app on my phone, but would love an actual Kindle.
    Would love to win and read this book by Shawntelle. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Keslynn

    I already do kind of hoard books! I had to get an ereader before they took over my apartment.

    I had no idea Stacia Kane was on LA Ink! I love her books. Now I have to watch that episode.

  12. Barbara Elness

    I would hoard books, just like in real life. 😀 And if I were to add to Shawntelle’s list, I’d have a home cooked lunch with Jennifer Estep – hopefully she’s as good a cook as her character Gin Blanco.

  13. Carl

    Probably the same thing I hoard now, books. Good thing I’m not a werewolf.

  14. Kai W.

    Ever since Friskies Cat Food has this ornaments promotion, I have been hoarding this specific ornaments. Can’t help myself.

  15. Natalia J

    The same thing that I would be hoarding now books. XD I love them and can’t get enough.

  16. Penni

    I would hoard chocolate and books! My two loves lol

    Also I would have to agree the signed books would be an amazing gift! I’d have to add Jeaniene Frost and J. R. Ward to that list……all of the above amazing authors! I love their books!!!

  17. Heather

    I would add a Kindle Fire HD loaded with the books of the authors on your list plus an amazon gift card.

  18. Filia Oktarina

    I would hoard books, i think. hehehhehe 🙂
    Will love to read this series!!

  19. kyla whitley

    Hey Shawntelle! Looking forward to reading your new book! Love paranormal anything! Thank you for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

  20. Kristia

    I would hoard chocolate 🙂
    Thank you for the international giveaway!

  21. LadyVampire

    I would hoard books. OH.. Thats right. I already do! 😀 Well I will keep hoarding them and add Kept to my collection as soon as I can get ahold of it. Thanks for the giveaway!