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August 9, 2012 Deadly Destinations 54

Today’s Deadly Destination is from Nina Berry‘s Lazar on the Otherkin threat in the Western US from OTHERKIN (published on July 31st 2012 by K Teen). Want to win a copy? Enter via the widget below.

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Nina Berry’s Lazar on the Otherkin threat in the Western US from OTHERKIN

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To: His Excellency, the Honorable Ximon

From: Your son, the Reverend Lazar.


Dear Father,

My sister Amaris and I send fond greetings. You are missed at headquarters, but I’m proud to tell you that everything is in order under my command.

Attached find the updated Otherkin Threat Assessment map as well as minutes from this week’s meeting. In the 8 hours since the meeting, I’ve flown to Burbank and uncovered some extraordinary information.

Since surveillance on the code orange area around the oak tree in Burbank is at the top of your priority list, I had cameras placed there three days ago. The footage showed us a teenage girl coming every day to sit under the tree to read or do homework.

Today I flew to assess her in person. I can confirm that she is a shifter from Eastern Russia. This is exactly what you predicted when we found a vibration in the area at the same frequency as the highly dangerous code red area in Tunguska, Siberia.

Here’s the extraordinary thing: the shifter is actually an Amur, aka Siberian tiger, the only one confirmed to exist in the world in the last twenty years. Her human form is that of a girl named Desdemona Grey, approximately sixteen years old, very tall, with green eyes and red hair. Our records indicate these traits are normal for a Siberian tiger-shifter.

We’re still investigating how a tiger-shifter from Siberia came to reside in Burbank, California, but the girl’s mother, Caroline Grey, is not otherkin. So the girl may actually have been adopted (!) by a human.

As you know, nothing like that has ever been recorded before. So I’m waiting for confirmation from the Moscow division before putting it in the official Tribunal database. Neither Desdemona Grey nor anyone of her acquaintance is in contact with shifters of any tribe. Our surveillance will continue until I get the order from you. Send the word and I will capture her myself.

On other matters, we lost track of the teenage male grizzly bear-shifter who flew into San Francisco from Alaska.  He lost our scouts somewhere near San Jose, heading south on highway 101. All California acolytes have received a photo of him with the warning that he is dangerous. Given his size, he may require a triple or even quadruple dose of our silver tranq to subdue him. I hope one day soon to make you proud by seizing him personally.

Rat Catcher is already on a plane to Oakland to investigate Anderson’s Pawn and Loan as a possible rat-owned business. We’re also double-checking on the eagle’s nest in Lake Alamo to make sure its apparent vulnerability isn’t a trap.

One more thing you should know: Acolyte Gershom interrupted the meeting twice with questions, despite being informed that questions are heretical.

Specifically he wanted to know why the Livermore Lab and Idaho National Lab are Code Yellow, and what had caused the Code Red area north of Las Vegas to be labeled “Do Not Enter.” He knows very well that the veil between our world and Othersphere is thin in these areas, and that the abilities of the otherkin are amplified there.

He had the impudence to declare that our own powers are also amplified in these places, and to suggest that perhaps we are not so different from those we hunt. On my orders he was taken to a discipline cell to be scourged for ten days until he admits his sin and requests forgiveness. If he cannot be redeemed after that time, we will deal with him accordingly.

Yours in complete obedience and filial love,


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Two copies of OTHERKIN by Nina Berry


Published on July 31st 2012 by K Teen


Sixteen-year-old Desdemona Gray doesn’t even bother with crushes on cute boys now that she’s forced to wear a hard plastic back brace all day.  What guy would want to literally have to knock on a girl to be let in?  So she squashes down every impossible desire until an uber-awkward brush with a boy brings out all her frustration and she changes…into a tiger.  In that bewildering moment, she is captured by Ximon, the leader of a fanatical group hell-bent on wiping out the five remaining tribes of shape-shifters, known as the otherkin.

With help from a handsome, mysterious fellow captive named Caleb, she escapes and goes on the run, finding allies and learning the truth behind the legends of wizards and were-creatures.  Then Ximon goes too far, and Dez must tap into all her buried desires to find her inner tiger and save herself, her new friends, and the boy she loves.

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54 Responses to “Deadly Destinations: Nina Berry & win OTHERKIN”

  1. Jessica Tan

    Interesting “letter”! A good introduction that really intrigued me and made me want to read the book!

  2. Caty R

    I’ve never read anything by Nina Berry before but the covers look great and I do enjoy books with shifters in it

  3. erinf1

    OOOHHHH… this book sounds awesome! Thanks for the great post and giveaway!

  4. hope

    Hi nina, this book sounds interesting and somethign i would enjoy reading.
    My question to you: When did you start writing? How did it feel when you publiched your first book?

  5. Nina

    Hi guys! Nina Berry the author here. Thanks for reading and entering the giveaway! Just wanted to let you know that the info graphic at the top (be sure to click on it to embiggen!) was created by my friend and designer extraordinaire Elisa Nader.

    Hope – I’ve been writing since I was a kid. But I didn’t really get serious about being published till maybe six years ago. It took me that long to write something good enough to get an agent and get published. It takes a lot of work and persistence, but if you want to write, keep at it. And having my first book published has been simply AMAZING! Definitely one of the best things that ever happened to me. Thanks for asking.

    Didn’t mean to interrupt, just wanted to give credit to Elisa for the gorgeous graphic. As you were! 🙂

  6. Ron Pratt

    looks like a great book. i can hardlye wait to own and read it.
    thank you.

  7. Viki S.

    This sounds like a fantastic read. I have to note how nice a job your cover artist did with the eyes – they’re perfect! The hair matched too – one of the best covers :).
    Thank you.

  8. Marie-Claude

    Never heard of this author before, but her book look kike and interesting read!!! And I love tiger!!!

  9. Jasmyn

    I have always loved cat shifters…never read about a tiger before though. Can’t wiat to give it a try.

  10. Natasha

    Otherkin sounds really good! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Vivien

    I always love reading a shifter book. Sounds like a great read!

  12. Barb P

    This book/series sounds fantastic and I would love to get the chance to read it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  13. Renee

    I LOVE the cover! The green eyes are so intense, its gorgeous!

  14. Bronwyn

    Oooh, love cats and books about shifters! This sounds great!

  15. Bethany C.

    Hi, I was wondering how much input you had in the cover art?

    • Nina

      Bethany, I’m not much of an artist, but I did say to my editor things like: “tiger, moon, redhead,” and I mentioned using colors that would “go” with a tiger. But the publisher picked the model and the artists who did the cover, so I can’t take much credit beyond that.

      For some reason, I particularly love the grass. If you see the book in person, the rest of the cover is matte, and grass is shiny, and that made me giggle like a madwoman when I first got the book in my hands.

      For the cover for the next book, Othermoon, I had a bit more input, but again, the overall design is really a credit to the artists and my publisher.

  16. Zara Alexis

    It just so happens that my favourite animal is the tiger! I’m looking forward this read and certainly hope I get to win a copy! Congratulations on your publication. 😀

  17. Van Pham

    This sounds like like a great series, I love shifter novels. 🙂 How many books are planned for this series, and what are you currently working on?

    • Nina

      Three are currently planned. The second one, Othermoon, will be out in February! I’m working on book 3 at the moment. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. kim c

    Nina – Will you have a follow up to Otherkins – a series perhaps?

    • Nina

      It’s actually the first in a three-book series. Book 2, titled Othermoon, will be out February of 2013. I hope you enjoy it!

  19. Lili

    What made you write a book about shape-shifting of all things? Shifter books are awesome, but they’re also hard to write.

    • Nina

      That’s a great question. I’m a gamer, and in one game I played a character that was a were-tiger. She was very different from Dez, the character in my book, but the idea hit me while playing her that changing your shape can lead to a change in perspective. I had a back brace as a teenager, and that lead to me having difficult relationship with my body image for a lot of years. So I wondered how my life and all those feelings might have been different if I’d been able to shapeshift. The story that came out was nothing like my life, obviously, but that’s where it all came from. And it was really fun to figure out a world where shapeshifters really exist, and how they might function in our world, who their enemies might be (The Tribunal in my book) and all that fun stuff.

  20. Sariah

    Love the cover! This is a new to me author, book sounds really interesting. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Erika

    Love the tiger shifting theme! Interested in reading this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Brandy

    Shifters are one of my faves, love the cover and the blurb really caught my interest. Thanks for the giveaway

  23. whitewolfreads

    Tiger shifters sound awesome! Can’t wait to read this series.

  24. Danielle B

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m so excited to read Otherkin. I absolutely love tigers!

  25. Jolene A

    I’m so in love with this cover!!! Sounds like a great read and did I mention how much I loved the cover???? 🙂

  26. Christiane C.

    I love the cover and the book itself sounds awesome 😀 Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  27. Eric Townsend

    The cover art for this book looks amazing, would love to win it!

  28. Barbara Elness

    Otherkin sounds like a fantastic story, I think it’s interesting that the main character has somewhat of a handicap (having to wear a back brace) and can’t wait to see what happens when she embraces her inner tiger.