5 bat! Review: Thirteen (Women of the Otherworld #13) by Kelley Armstrong

August 7, 2012 Review 1


13 (Women of the Otherworld, #13)


(Women of the Otherworld, #13)
by Kelley Armstrong

Genre:  Urban Fantasy| Excerpt:  No
Book Trailer: No
Reviewed by: Kristina | Source: Publisher

  • Hardcover: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Dutton Adult; First Edition edition (July 24, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 0525952837
  • ISBN-13: 978-0525952831


Near Perfect – Buy two copies: one for you and one for a friend.

Sexual Content

Kissing, references to sex, some sex scenes


The #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong delivers the novel her fans have been clamoring for: The epic finale of the Otherworld series.

It’s been more than ten years, a dozen installments, and hundreds of thousands of copies since Kelley Armstrong introduced readers to the all-too-real denizens of the Otherworld: witches, werewolves, necromancers, vampires, and half-demons, among others. And it’s all been leading toThirteen, the final installment, the novel that brings all of these stories to a stunning conclusion.

A war is brewing—the first battle has been waged and Savannah Levine is left standing, albeit battered and bruised. She has rescued her half brother from supernatural medical testing, but he’s fighting to stay alive. The Supernatural Liberation Movement took him hostage, and they have a maniacal plan to expose the supernatural world to the unknowing.

Savannah has called upon her inner energy to summon spells with frightening strength, a strength she never knew she had, as she fights to keep her world from shattering. But it’s more than a matter of supernaturals against one another—both heaven and hell have entered the war; hellhounds, genetically modified werewolves, and all forces of good and evil have joined the fray.

Uniting Savannah with Adam, Paige, Lucas, Jaime, Hope, and other lost-but-notforgotten characters in one epic battle, Thirteen is a grand, crowd-pleasing closer for Armstrong’s legions of fans.


THIRTEEN was an excellent, emotional, action packed ending to Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. While you can usually jump into any of the Women of the Otherworld books without having to read the previous ones, THIRTEEN assumes you’ve read the previous two books as it launches right into the action. I was excited to finally get to the big conclusion of this three book story arc yet a bit sad that this was going to be the last book in the series.

As with the previous two books, THIRTEEN was mostly Savannah centered and she definitely grows and matures in this book. I really enjoyed seeing the evolution of this character from a young girl in STOLEN to a strong confident woman. I was curious about how Armstrong would include all of the other characters’ perspectives in THIRTEEN and was happy to see that each character got their own chapter(s) focusing on each of the women featured in the previous books. I liked this method as it was a way to stamp a satisfying endnote on each character’s personal story.

There was a lot happening in THIRTEEN as the stakes were set pretty high for Savannah, her friends, and her family. The final confrontation was a big tension filled event where most of the central characters were directly involved in fighting The Supernatural Liberation Movement. I found myself wanting to skip ahead multiple times especially during some shocking character moments-to see if all of these characters would survive to the end of the book. Armstrong made this showdown one of the biggest fights in the series and I enjoyed seeing everyone using his or her own unique powers to help in the final fight. It felt like a great finale for not only Savannah’s story but the whole series.

After thirteen full length novels, numerous leading ladies, and plenty of heartache, it was only fitting for the character who launched this series more than a decade ago to finish it.  FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, an Elena-centric short story that is included at the end of THIRTEEN, was a wonderful look at how Elena’s life and the life of the Pack has changed and grown over the years since BITTEN.  While it’s bittersweet to see the end of such an iconic and beloved series, Armstrong has softened the blow by promising that we haven’t completely seen the last of these characters.  She has confirmed plans to write a few Otherworld short stories for future anthologies. So it’s not goodbye so much as see you soon.

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  1. Mary @ Book Swarm

    Loved this series. Amazing how intricate this entire world is and how everyone interconnects–I love that we see such growth of people we connected with and Elana’s story at the end is a sweet little cherry on top of a whole heap of goodness!