Review: The Asylum Interviews: Bronx by Jocelynn Drake

July 3, 2012 Review 1

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The Asylum Interviews: Bronx (The Asylum Tales, #0.5)

The Asylum Interviews: Bronx

(The Asylum Tales, #0.5)
by Jocelynn Drake

Genre: Urban Fantasy | Excerpt: No
Reviewed by: Kristina | Source: Author

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Excellent – Loved it! Buy it now & put this author on your watch list.

Sexual Content

Some references to sex


In Low Town, where humans walk and work side-by-side with elves, vampires, ogres, and all manner of creature, it’s understandable that people occasionally need a little help in their lives. Whether is love, work, or … other, tattoo artists are there to try to help turn the odds into your favor. When Gage’s friend Parker needs help with his love life, tattoo artists Gage and Bronx are only too happy to help. But the incubus ends up getting more than he bargained for with his new tattoo, and his friends are forced to scramble to fix the mess they’ve created before someone gets hurt.

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THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: BRONX, was an engaging and gritty introduction to The Asylum Tales series. Gage immediately held my attention with his backstory as a ex-warlock who is forbidden to use magic and is working as a tattoo artist. We only get a little mention of why he isn’t a warlock anymore but what we do learn about his past makes me has me anxiously looking forward to more revelations.

Humans always seem to be the ones left with barely any defenses in urban fantasy stories so having magical tattoos to defend oneself with is a nice unique attempt to level the playing field. Although I did wonder why Gage was forbidden from using magic use yet is allowed to mix potions which are a type of magic. Mixing tattoos is apparently dangerous business as the potion could go wrong (sometimes to hilarious effect as seen by a botched tattoo job done on Gage’s incubus friend, Parker).  Many of the amusing scenarios in this story come from Parker’s situation involving a little too much loving even for an incubus. The conclusion to these scenarios were often a little rushed.  I would have liked to see the aftereffect of Gage’s fix for Parker’s tattoo.

If THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: BRONX were a full length book I would have rated it lower due to it being so short and light on any in depth explanation of backstories or the setting. But as a novella it worked as a teaser for the series setting up just enough information to satisfy and leaving enough questions to entice me to pick up the first full length novel ANGEL’S INK which comes out on October 16, 2012

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