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HANG FIRE is a steampunk short story set in late 1800’s America. It takes place between the Age of Steam book #1, DEAD IRON and book #2 TIN SWIFT. The story is broken into 20 “chapters” and posted, one chapter at a time, on 20 awesome blogs. To read the whole story, start at chapter 1 at www.candacesbookblog.com and follow the “read the next chapter” links at the end of the post.

Today we find the cursed bounty hunter, Cedar Hunt, who, in his haste to save his friend, Rose Small, has fallen into a deadly trap along with the beautiful witch, Mae Lindson… …read chapter 7 at: I Smell Sheep

HANG FIRE by Devon Monk – Chapter 8

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Cedar Hunt’s heart thumped hard, trying to beat the breath back into his lungs. He’d landed on his shoulders and hip, but had had enough sense not to tense up during the fall.

No, the only thing he’d kept tight was his hold on Mae Lindson, making sure that when they did finally hit the bottom of this pit, she fell on top of him instead of the other way around.

It left him in a position both awkward and pleasant, with him flat on his back, and Mae situated down the full length of his body.

For a moment, he tightened his grip on her and closed his eyes, savoring the weight of her body against his, savoring the pressure of her breath as she inhaled, exhaled, gathering herself.

He wanted this. Wanted her. But he knew her needs might not match his. Especially with the death of her husband so fresh in her mind.

Mae shifted, pushing up just enough that she could look down at him. He didn’t think she could see him in the inky blackness, but the curse the Pawnee had planted in him did a fair bit of good for his eyesight in the dark.

He saw her as if she were made of sunlight. Dirt smudged her cheek and jaw, and bits of leaves caught in her hair, her bonnet having dislodged in the tumble.

She was searching his face, not frightened or worried. No, she was considering him, maybe considering them, together.

“Mr. Hunt,” she said softly. “Are you all right?”

He smiled at the concern in her voice, though she wouldn’t see it. “I’ll be limping off a bruise. Not much more. And you, Mrs. Lindson?” He gently brushed a loose lock of her hair away from her face.

At his touch, she took in a breath, her lips parted, her gaze still searching for his features in the dark. “I’m right as rain,” she said, maybe a little surprised at her own admission.

Cedar didn’t know if he should reply, or give in to his want and kiss her.

Before he could decide, a blast drowned out his words and the world around them shuddered.

…read chapter 9 at: Rabid Reads

Devon Monk writes the Allie Beckstrom urban fantasy series, the Age of Steam steampunk series, and the occasional short story.  She has one husband, two sons, and a dog named Mojo. She lives in Oregon and is surrounded by colorful and numerous family members who mostly live within dinner-calling distance of each other. She has sold over fifty short stories to magazines and anthologies in five different countries, including a Year’s Best Fantasy collection.  When not writing, Devon is either knitting strange things, remodeling the house-that-was-once-a-barn, or hosting a family celebration.



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In steam age America, men, monsters, machines and magic battle to claim the same scrap of earth and sky. In this chaos, one man fights to hold on to his humanity–and his honor. . .

Life on the frontier is full of deceit and danger, but bounty hunter Cedar Hunt is a man whose word is his bond. Cursed with becoming a beast every full moon, Cedar once believed his destiny was to be alone. But now, Cedar finds himself saddled with a group of refugees, including the brother he once thought lost.

Keeping his companions alive is proving to be no easy task, in part because of the promise he made to the unpredictable Madder brothers—three miners who know the secret mechanisms of the Strange. To fulfill his pledge, Cedar must hunt a powerful weapon known as the Holder—a search that takes him deep into the savage underbelly of the young country and high into the killing glim-field skies defended by desperate men and deadly ships.

But the battles he faces are just a glimmer of a growing war stirring the country. To keep his word Cedar must navigate betrayal, lies, and treacherous alliances, risking everything to save the lives of those he has come to hold dear…

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40 Responses to “Exclusive story & Giveaway: Devon Monk’s HANG FIRE & win TIN SWIFT plus more!”

  1. Carl

    I liked Boneshaker by Cherie Priest but I’m really getting into Hang Fire and looking forward to Tin Swift too.

  2. Bella Bunnell

    Great blog, Abigail! Devon, I want the whole story NOW! Lol. This is great fun, but all the suspense is killing me. 😉 Thank you both!

  3. Bella Bunnell

    Oops! Forgot the book! Dead Iron was actually my first steampunk (I don’t count Clockwork Angel), and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. Boneshaker has been on my list and I have a copy of Clockwork and Corsets on my tbr pile. So many titles to explore…:)

  4. Barishi

    I have been reading steampunk for a while now, but I am very glad amazon suggested Devon after reading Boneshaker.

  5. Michelle C.

    Hang Fire just keeps getting better. Can’t wait for Tin Swift to come out.

  6. Glittergirl

    I fell in love with Steampunk before it was called steampunk ~ Wild Wild West series on TV, lol. I found it again with Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas Series, and there was no going back! I’m looking forward to Mary Wine’s take on it too with A Lady Can Never Be Too Curious coming out 8/1. I discovered Devon’s Dead Iron last year with this blog bash in August. Thanks so much Devon and Abigail for taking us on this adventure 🙂

  7. MightiMidget

    Dead Iron is currently the only steampunk book I like, and I love it. (My friends are probably tired of the gushing by now. 😉 )

  8. Ali

    The suspense is killing me, only being able to read short sections from Hang Fire each day is so hard. Can hardly wait to read tomorrows chapter. Still looking forward to Tin Swift.

  9. Maria

    I like the idea of Hang Fire being shared in parts and on different blogs.

    Another steampunk series I enjoy is the Ministry of Peculiar Occurences by Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine and also the Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger. Thanks for the super coll giveaway! Can’t wait for Tin Swift’s release on Tuesday

  10. April V.

    I like lots of them (In addition to Dead Iron and Tin Swift!): Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker and subsequent books, Gail Carriger’s Parasol Proctectorate, George Mann, Mark Hodder, Maljean Brook and others. I really like steampunk and would love for there to be more of it.

  11. cait045

    I really liked Scott Westerfeld’s Levianthan series and Meljean Brook’s Iron Dukes series.

  12. Melissa

    Ooh, the story is getting good now!

    It’s very different, but another steampunk I like is Gail Carriger’s SOULLESS series.

  13. Amanda

    Dead Iron was the first steampunk book I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. The main reason I picked it up was because I really like Devon Monk’s Allie Beckstrom series. Usually if I like one series by an author I’m more than willing to read other books written by them and it almost always works out well, especially this time.

  14. Barbara Elness

    I’ve read quite a few awesome steampunk books – Meljean Brook’s The Iron Duke and Heart of Steel, Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series, Clay and Susan Griffith’s Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar, Katie MacAlister’s Steamed, and of course, Devon Monk’s Dead Iron.

  15. Erin Theiss

    I like Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas books and the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger.

  16. LisaC

    I’ve read the Iron Duke and enjoyed the steampunk flavor while strongly disliking certain actions of the hero. Ditto for the Soulless series.

  17. Amanda Collins

    I have never read a steam punk book, great giveaway 🙂

  18. Rain Maiden

    I loved Clay and Susan Griffith’s Vampire Nation series which had vamps and steampunk.

  19. Natasha

    I like Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Raelene

    My sister introduced me to Steam punk and I must say I am now a fan.

  21. Rebe

    I love Meljean Brook’s The Iron Duke series and Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate one. Both are so much fun!

  22. Samantha D

    What was the first Steampunk book uve read?
    Awesoem giveaway! I LOVE the bookmarks!

  23. justpeachy36

    Devon Monk is an author that really like. Her Magic series is one of my favorite UF reads. I have not read a great of steampunk but this series looks amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Melissa (Books and Things)

    I like The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences by Pip Ballentine and Tee Morris! I can’t wait to read this series. I’ve wanted to read it before the first one came out officially! 🙂

  25. Jennzah

    i loved TIN SWIFT by Devon… it was my first full on steampunk! i also like the parasol protectorate books and the iron codex ones too. oh and Kady Cross’ books! 🙂

  26. Amanda Z

    I love The Clockwork Empire series by Steven Harper and the Jackelian series by Stephen Hunt!