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Stalking the Others (H&W Investigations, #4)

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Stalking the Others 

(H&W Investigations #4)
by Jess Haines

Genre: Urban Fantasy | Excerpt: Yes
Reviewed by: Abigail | Source: Publisher

  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Kensington (July 3, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 1420124021
  • ISBN-13: 978-1420124026


Excellent – Loved it! Buy it now & put this author on your watch list.

Sexual Content

One sex scene



Vampires, werewolves, mages–the Others are very real, and wreaking havoc in Shiarra Waynest’s life. But now, she’s returning the favor…

Once, she was one of the good guys–or as close as a New York P.I. can get. Then Shiarra Waynest was drawn into the world of the Others. Every faction has its own loyalties and agenda. And Shia’s recent betrayal by her ex-boyfriend means that she may be on the verge of becoming a rogue werewolf at the next full moon.

Of course, with all the threats against her, Shia’s not sure she’ll live long enough to find out. The enigmatic vampire Royce wants her back in his clutches, as do two powerful werewolf packs, along with the police. Instead of going into hiding, Shia is enlisting the aid of her enchanted hunter’s belt and every dirty P.I. trick she knows. If she’s going down, she’ll take out as many of her enemies as she can–and hope that in the process, she keeps whatever humanity she has left…


STALKING THE OTHERS is the most action packed, adrenalin fueled book in the H&W Investigations series.  It opens with a chase scene through the New York subways, rushes into a life or death brawl with a werewolf, and on and on until the a different kind of action intensive ending….the one we’ve been waiting for since the first book.

Part of what I love so much about this series is the way Haines injects a subtle humor in her writing that keeps even the most harrowing scenes–and there are more than a few in STALKING THE OTHERS–completely readable.   A vampire, werewolf, and magic filled world, if it’s realistic, is going to involve violence and death.  And this world rightly does.  Up until now, Shiarra has been more of a defensive player than an offensive one, but this time, she is seeing red thanks in no small part to her murderous possessed belt.  It’s a very different side of Shiarra that I did have to adjust too.  I’m not sure her actions and thoughts rang as true as I’ve come to expect…even with the belt and potential werewolf infection.

I was hoping for a little more from the excellent supporting cast in this book, but like DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS, Shia is mostly flying solo.  Sara and Arnold are complete no shows, and Royce has a smaller role again until the end.  But he certainly knows how to make up for lost time.  The ending of this book is a jaw dropper.  Royce reestablishes himself as one of the hottest vampires in urban fantasy and sets up what promises to be the best book in the series.  I already can’t wait for the next book in the H&W Investigations series tentatively titled FORSAKEN BY THE OTHERS which will be published in 2013.




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