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Interested in revealing your cover or book trailer on All Things Urban Fantasy?

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Have a book cover that you want to reveal?  Let us do it for you!

Cover Art Coverage Reveal

If you plan on revealing the cover on multiple sites simultaneously or after the publisher/author does a reveal, we can include it in our weekly Cover Art Coverage posts (see example here) on Wednesdays.  In that case,  please submit it via this form.

Exclusive Reveal

Fill out the form below if you’d like to have a book cover or book trailer exclusively revealed on All Things Urban Fantasy (see example here).  We do not accept self-published titles at this time, but all traditionally published titles in the paranormal or speculative fiction genres (Adult and YA) are eligible.  We would:
  • Post the cover/trailer in a post (separate from our weekly Cover Art Coverage posts and it would not be subject to our usual rating system) including:
    • Buy/Add links (Amazon, Book Depository, Goodreads)
    • Description (if available)
    • Author info and links
    • Any author/artist comments you’d like
  • Post the cover/trailer on Twitter
  • Pin the cover/trailer on our Pinterest boards
If you elect to offer a giveaway along with the reveal, the cover will remain featured on our sidebar for the duration of the giveaway