Review: Realm FM by Tyrolin Puxty

January 26, 2018 Review 0

Review: Realm FM by Tyrolin PuxtyRealm FM by Tyrolin Puxty
Published by Curiousity Quills Press on December 5th, 2017
Genres: Adult, Occult & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Urban
Format: eBook
Pages: 182
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: Explicit sex scenes, discussion of polyamory.
Reviewed by: Kim
2 Stars

Okay. Fine. Amy Holt swore on air. Surely that doesn’t make her an inept radio host. Either way, she’s desperate for work; and if she doesn’t find something soon, it’s back to Australia.

When the job of her dreamish nightmares presents itself, Amy jumps at the opportunity, surprised to hear that the station is built on a wormhole, opening it up to infinite realms.

Interviewing Bigfoot and her doppelganger aren’t that problematic. Working for her sister’s ex-boyfriend though, is a whole other matter. He’s ridiculously charismatic. And good looking. Poor bugger is missing a six-pack, though.

Suddenly, travelling through an apocalyptic wasteland and mollifying racist Bigfeet doesn’t seem so hard.

Trying to avoid Ryan’s charm, though? Yeah, that wasn’t in the job description.

For a book with good writing and a distinct voice, REALM FM was a terrible disappointment. With a finale that rendered most of the characters useless, I was left wondering why a book that started out so fun soured so badly.

I enjoyed Amy. She was a fun character who was going through some seriously messed up stuff, both at home and at work. Unfortunately for her, and for readers, all of her trials were fabricated: they were either a test or she hadn’t been given enough information to make an educated decision in the first place. No one can be blamed for screwing up when you don’t tell them what to expect and surprising them with a yeti.

All of the characters acted in slightly off-kilter ways. Her co-host kept giving her information too late; the polyamorous/psychic kept sporadically not being sad about her whole family dying; things were made out to be a big deal by some characters, then brushed aside and fixed by another. Amy kept being put in danger, and everyone just shrugged and said that’s how it was done at Realm FM. Gross.

The relationship between Amy and her co host, Ryan, feels more like the instant attraction you get in werewolf stories with fated mates. My issue is that the big reveal puts their whole relationship in question and, if I was Amy, I would feel betrayed and dirty. Any attempt at a happily-ever-after is tainted by this deep betrayal.

With a conclusion that made zero sense, a host of characters who have no point and a completely useless subplot with Amy’s sister, I’m sorely disappointed by a book that I was so excited to read. I can forgive insta-love; I can forgive deus ex machina; I can forgive “it was all a dream”; I can’t forgive all three.

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