Review: Elsewhere Volume 1, by Jay Faerber

January 11, 2018 Review 0

Review: Elsewhere Volume 1, by Jay FaerberElsewhere by Jay Faerber, Ron Riley, Sumeyye Kesgin
Series: Elsewhere #1
Published by Image Comics on January 9th, 2018
Genres: Adult, Comics & Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Historical, Time Travel
Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
Source: Publisher
Excerpt: Excerpt
Reviewed by: Kim
2 Stars

COPPERHEAD writer JAY FAERBER teams with rising star SUMEYYE KESGIN to unveil ELSEWHERE -- the fantastic story of what really happened to Amelia Earhart. Mysteriously transported to a strange new world filled with flying beasts and alien civilizations, Amelia desperately struggles to return home. Along the way she forges alliances and makes enemies, as she goes from aviator to freedom fighter in a rebellion against a merciless warlord!

Collects issues 1 through 4.

With bold art and a a mystery that is slowly revealed, ELSEWHERE VOLUME 1, the story of what really happened to Amelia Earhart. Unfortunately it fails to set itself apart from the thousand of other stories which explore new worlds. ELSEWHERE doesn’t quite work for me.

The book starts off a bit slow, but picks up by the midway point. When Amelia finally stops reacting to what is going on and starts acting, she’s more fun. It’s also around that point that we learn more about the world she’s fallen into. I feel like more exposition at the beginning and less bumbling in the dark would have sped up the story a bit.

The fantasy aspects of the art is effective, but it seemed like the artist was more comfortable drawing magic creatures than human faces. All his humans are slightly off.

Overall, this book is entertaining but doesn’t bring anything new to the table. We have an Alice In Wonderland-style falling through time and space, and a main character becoming a hero in a new land within days of arriving in the strange new world. We’ve seen it before, even if Amelia is a particularly intelligent character. Maybe borrow this at the library.

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