Review: The Wicked + The Divine Christmas Annual

December 22, 2017 Review 0

Review: The Wicked + The Divine Christmas AnnualThe Wicked + The Divine Christmas Annual by Kieron Gillen
Series: The Wicked + The Divine
Published by Image Comics on December 22, 2017
Genres: Adult, Comics & Graphic Novels, Graphic Novel, LGBT, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 32
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: Graphic sex scenes and imagery
Reviewed by: Kristina
2 Stars

JAMIE said “It's a shame we never saw any of the gods' early funtimes,” and KIERON said “Yeah,” and then they looked at each other, and then called all their talented friends to do a Christmas album of (mostly) fan service! Inanna and Baal getting it on! Lucifer and Sakhmet getting it on! Dionysus giving Baphomet a lift in a crappy car! And more! This one has it all.

The Wicked + Divine series is about twelve gods who, every 90 years are reincarnated as humans and only live for two years. Unfortunately for me, THE WICKED + THE DIVINE CHRISTMAS ANNUAL issue was not in fact a one off Christmas special comic that a new reader to this series (it has 36 issues to it already!) could jump right in and enjoy. It is not a standalone story and nor does it have anything to do with Christmas. It is multiple short vignettes that start in medias res that assumes you know who is who and the characters history. Basically I was confused and knew nothing. It seems like it is a fan service installment that the authors and illustrators obviously had fun doing based on the description which is basically a quote from the author about how they came up with the idea for this annual.

What I really liked was the artwork. The cover is warm and Christmas-y and I love that it looks like it is knitted. The artwork on the inside is very well done too and colorful. The vignettes revolve around mostly sex scenes between various characters. Other vignettes have some mature language and subject matters as well with no sex. I was most intrigued by what was going on in the "Toxic Community" vignette. It features Lucifer and Hazel/Amaterasu and some kind of possible supernatural transformation. Most of the vignettes while confusing in general had a pretty  understandable theme. "Toxic Community" was the only one where I had no way to get any context from any of the panels and had to make up what I thought was happening.

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE CHRISTMAS ANNUAL is definitely a Christmas present for fans of this series and it looks really well done. After reading this and doing some research on this series, I am kind of interested in picking up Issue #1.


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