Review: Lure of Oblivion (The Mercury Pack #3) by Suzanne Wright

November 21, 2017 Review 0

Review: Lure of Oblivion (The Mercury Pack #3) by Suzanne WrightLure of Oblivion by Suzanne Wright
Series: Mercury Pack, #3
Published by Montlake Romance on November 21, 2017
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romance, Shifters
Format: eBook
Pages: 333
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: multiple graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

Gwen Miller may be a human, but she has no problem taking a stand against her own kind. She’s going to testify against the teenage boy she saw viciously assault a lone shifter female—and no amount of pressure from the boy’s wealthy family will make her back down. But when the harassment turns violent, help comes in the form of a lean, toned wolf with winter-gray eyes.

As a guest at Gwen’s inn, shifter enforcer Zander Devlin can’t help but notice that the fierce and leggy brunette is in serious trouble. Since she’s putting herself at risk for one of his kind, keeping her safe is the least he can do. That’s not the only reason Zander wants her close. He desires her, even as the wolf inside him backs away from her. But his feral instincts are hard to keep down, and as they take shape, they’re harder for Gwen to resist. Then again, embracing them could be the only thing that could save her life.

LURE OF OBLIVION is a pretty fun, action-filled installment of the Mercury Pack series. The plot is really compelling and complex mostly involving a clash between shifters and small town humans. What struck me in this story was the utter brutality and pettiness of the bad guys. The majority of the violence meted out hit close because it was stuff that could actually happen in real life to minority groups facing oppression and bigotry. There was no big bad wizard or vampire doling out supernatural evil, just some idiot, entitled rich boys. It was scary because it was so very real. Obviously, the violence gets bigger and more supernatural once shifters get into the mix but at its core this story is really about a woman standing her ground against injustice and doing what is right.

I was not too fond of the romance here. What I did like was that it was basically two people with messed up family lives finding love and acceptance within each other. Gwen is tough and compassionate and a great foil to Zander. I thought Zander did not know the meaning of personal boundaries and the meaning of the word "no" even for a shifter. He came off as very demanding and controlling but he makes up for it a bit with his caring for Gwen's well being. And Gwen is pretty good at putting him in his place a bit. I am normally fine with the insta-love trope but I don't really enjoy the whole 'fated mates' trope which this story heavily leans on. The fact that the story goes into depth about the mechanics of it in this world was tiring which is probably due to having read multiple versions of this in so many books making the trope feel stale.

LURE OF OBLIVION is a fun story with a plot that seems pretty topical for what has been going on in the world recently. While I had issues with the romance I enjoyed it well enough and it was woven well into the much more interesting main plot.

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