Review: Marriage Claws by Paige Cuccaro

August 14, 2017 Review 0

Review: Marriage Claws by  Paige CuccaroMarriage Claws by Paige Cuccaro
Published by Swerve on August 8th, 2017
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Shifters, Urban
Format: eBook
Pages: 227
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Explicit sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Kim
3 Stars

A sassy, sexy debut about a young woman who agrees to marry her billionaire playboy nemesis to save her business, only to find out he's also a werewolf and that her problems are just getting started.

There are two things Kate Affetto will do anything to protect: the younger brother she's raised ever since their father walked out, and the small diner she's managed to start from nothing in New York City. Things might not always be easy, but at least she gets to call all the shots and follow her own heart. That is until Jack Pensione, irritatingly gorgeous billionaire playboy and CEO/heir to the family empire shows up at her diner with an ultimatum: find $3 million to purchase the space, or vacate so it can be turned into condos.

But Kate isn't going down without a fight. So when Jack offers a third option—marry him, and he'll gift her the space—she agrees, knowing it'll save the life she's built for herself and her brother, and that the marriage will be over practically before it's begun. After all, it's not as if she actually likes Jack, or as if he's actually attracted her at all... Little does she know he's also a werewolf, that he's vying to be the alpha of his pack, and that her problems are just getting started.

“If you marry me I’ll save your business” is a tried and true Harlequin Romance trope. I’ve seen it done with restaurants, bed and breakfasts and even an auction house. Usually, the big reveal is that they can be attracted to each other and still hold differences of opinion. This time, the reveal has a bit more fur and fang.

Kate and Jack are perfect in their roles: he’s a business tycoon with a serious chip on his shoulder, and she’s an independent woman who tends to pick up strays. There was some of the werewolf “fated mate” mythology happening, but they definitely fought it tooth and nail.

The sex scenes were remarkably hot. I’ve read a lot of paranormal romances, and after a while you start to gloss over the sex scenes, especially if they’re repetitive. MARRIAGE CLAWS managed to keep them entertaining throughout.

My only issue is with the timing of some of the characters’ decisions. Kate and Jack have a disagreement (they have a few, but one big one), and they leave it for way longer than seemed reasonable. Kate also takes a really long time to get with the werewolf program.

These delayed reconciliations caused a bit of a drag in the final quarter of the book, but don’t let it deter you from reading this intelligently written, exciting book. It has just enough sweetness and telegraphing to make romance readers happy, and a solid enough mythology to interest urban fantasy readers looking for something slightly fluffier for summer reading.

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