Review: The Druid Next Door (Fae Out of Water #2), by E.J. Russell

August 31, 2017 Review 0

Review: The Druid Next Door (Fae Out of Water #2), by E.J. RussellDruid Next Door by E.J. Russell
Series: Fae Out of Water #2
Published by Riptide Publishing on August 21st, 2017
Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology, LGBT, Paranormal Romance, Romantic, Romantic Comedy
Format: eBook
Pages: 328
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Explicit sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Kim
4 Stars

Professor Bryce MacLeod has devoted his entire life to environmentalism. But how effective can he be in saving the planet when he can’t even get his surly neighbor to separate his recycling?

Former Queen’s Enforcer Mal Kendrick doesn’t think his life could get any worse: he’s been exiled from Faerie with a cursed and useless right hand. When he’s not dodging random fae assassins in the Outer World, he’s going toe-to-toe with his tree-hugging neighbor. And when he discovers that the tree-hugger is really a druid, he’s certain the gods have it in for him—after all, there’s always a catch with druids. Then he’s magically shackled to the man and expected to instruct him in Supernatural 101.

All right, now things couldn’t possibly get worse.

Until a mysterious stranger offers a drunken Mal the chance to gain back all he’s lost—for a price. After Mal accepts, he discovers the real catch: an ancient secret that will change his and Bryce’s life forever.

Ah, what the hells. Odds are they won’t survive the week anyway.

You know a book is good when you start slowing down your reading speed and putting the book down because you’re not ready to leave the world of the story. You’re not ready to leave behind the characters you’ve grown to care for, even if this could be their happily ever after. THE DRUID NEXT DOOR is that kind of story and I’m so glad that it lives up to the first book in the series, CUTIE AND THE BEAST.

Mal and Bryce are both so endearing, if a bit infuriating (in a fun way). They’ve noticed each other, but Mal is trying to recover from a crippling injury from the last book and isn’t in the right headspace to be nice to anyone, no matter how attractive they may be. This injury causes him to do some pretty desperate things; without his sword hand he feels useless and doesn’t see what he has to offer both a potential partner and the world of the Fae. This desperation pushes him to do pretty stupid things, and Bryce gets dragged into (a little druid curse makes sure of that!)

I enjoyed how the events of the first book directly influenced the second without either drowning in recaps or losing focus. The Fae Out of Water series is serious enough to have a world that stands up to change, and silly enough that it can subtly make fun of the genre.

With strong themes of accepting change and being able to forgive yourself, this series manages to humanize characters who aren’t even human to begin with. The bad guys are not always bad, the serious moments are sprinkled with wit and the sex is super hot. I cannot wait for BAD BOY’S BARD next month.

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