Review: His Command (Playboy Genie #2) by Sophie H. Morgan

August 18, 2017 Review 0

Review: His Command (Playboy Genie #2) by Sophie H. MorganHis Command by Sophie H. Morgan
Series: Playboy Genie, #2
Published by Swerve on July 25, 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Romantic
Format: eBook
Pages: 300
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: multiple graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

He's a genie. She's a mortal.
He's a flirt. She's definitely-certainly-absolutely done with charming men.
What happens when this playboy runs across the one woman who doesn't fall under his spell?
Magic of course.

Hailey has been given the chance of her career. All she has to do is plan and execute the perfect society wedding and she'll get the promotion she's been working towards. Too bad the groom is her ex-boyfriend. Ryder hates seeing a damsel in distress and with a little genie magic is determined to make the sexy Miss Hailey have a little bit of fun. All she has to do is follow his lead and she'll get everything she's ever wished for.

In an attempt to diversify my paranormal romance reading materials I picked up HIS COMMAND because I hadn't read anything about genies recently and I was drawn to the absurdly purple-pink cover. Was it going to be wondrously cheesy? Was I going to be annoyed by the characters and especially the overly macho genie? Well, no. What I found was a really good, heartwarming story about being true to yourself with a sizzling romance added to the mix. I liked the way this world worked and the use of genies as celebrities using their wish granting abilities as a charitable venture like the real Make A Wish Foundation is a clever plot mechanism.

I have probably become jaded in what to expect in romances after reading so many. This story defied my expectations of the genre at almost every turn. Ryder, gets Hailey to win a lottery where she wins a wish from him. They way this situation happens almost makes you think, "Ah Ryder is going for the controlling, manipulative alpha male move". But no, Ryder is the ultimate amazing supportive man who loves Hailey just as she is and only want to show her how to be her best self.

Hailey has some resistance to Ryder's charms due to some issues that stem from a formally manipulative relationship. Ryder is right there by her side offering unwavering support, not acting like an overly protective, or aggressive man. Their relationship has it's stumbling blocks and issues but they work them out very realistically or as realistically as you can when your boyfriend can whisk you off to Rome randomly. The big conflict comes from Hailey's insecurities and other relationship hang-ups which were again incredibly realistic. I loved seeing a story that had a decently working relationship with the added mix of fantastical sexy times and magic.

HIS COMMAND's charming, complex, and realistic characters combined with a well thought out plot made for a really pleasurable read. I'm interested in checking out the next book in the series. Since this book pretty much tells you who it is I am pretty intrigued as it involves a secondary character I really want to know more about.

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