5Bat! Review: Wraith Hunter (City of Crows #3) by Clara Coulson

August 17, 2017 Review 0

5Bat! Review: Wraith Hunter (City of Crows #3) by Clara CoulsonWraith Hunter by Clara Coulson
Series: City of Crows #3
on May 31, 2017
Genres: Crime, Fantasy & Magic, LGBT, Mystery & Detective, Occult & Supernatural, Shifters, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 363
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: None
Reviewed by: Rebecca
5 Stars

It’s another bright and sunny day in Aurora, Michigan…when a mysterious building collapse kills sixty-seven people.

It's been four months since the devastating battle on Primrose Avenue, and DSI still has its hands full. The local ICM chapter is now unstable, no leader to corral its members. The werewolves are moving in strange ways, like they're keeping secrets. And there's a traitor inside DSI, waiting to strike again.

Cal Kinsey and his team, now back on the job, are desperately searching for the answers they need to restore balance in the supernatural community. But so far, they've had little success.

Then, to make matters exponentially worse, a major Aurora convention center collapses without warning, killing dozens and injuring hundreds more. With all signs pointing to a supernatural terrorist attack, Cal and his team are thrust back into the danger zone once again. And this time, they're playing for keeps.

Because according to the riddle-filled letter that arrives on DSI’s doorstep, addressed to one Captain Nicholas Riker...the destruction of Aurora is only just beginning.

WRAITH HUNTER is completely charming, walking the line between intense fight scenes and witty one-liners. Cal Kinsey is both self-deprecating and ambitious. He wants to be a key member of the DSI team, but PTSD has him second-guessing and acting rashly. A full night’s rest would help his thinking, but there’s always another bomb, another kidnapping, another vampire that takes up his attention. It gets to the point that every diversion puts you on edge because these characters need to sleep dammit.

There are no pulled-punches in the novel. Characters are hurt and they feel it. That split knuckle? Yeah, they’re gonna feel it next time they punch someone. Cal isn’t the hero of his own story. He wants to be, but there’s so many badasses on his team that it’s hard to stand out. Sure, he can take down a couple perps but there’s always an awesome blade master that’ll take down 10 more to help Cal out. The DSI team runs like a well-oiled machine, even though Cal might agonize over being a burden.

I hadn’t read the previous books but I never felt overwhelmed. However, knowing the events of the previous novels would definitely help understand the importance of the plot twists. WRAITH HUNTER seems to tie up loose ends from the previous two novels and also set up the next. There are new players that are sure to cause havoc in the future. Even better, a new romance heats up between Cal and a team member. The romance starts so slowly and sweetly that by the end of the novel I literally squee’d. WRAITH HUNTER is a perfect procedural. The crime scenes matter, the victims matter, and the evidence matters. Even better, WRAITH HUNTER stresses that being a member of a team is more fun than going rogue.

Series Titles:
  1. Soul Breaker
  2. Shade Chaser
  3. Wraith Hunter
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