Review: Elemental Mating (A.L.F.A. #1), by Milly Taiden

July 20, 2017 Review 0

Review: Elemental Mating (A.L.F.A. #1), by Milly TaidenElemental Mating by Milly Taiden
Series: A.L.F.A. #1
Published by InterMix on July 18th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy & Magic, Paranormal Romance, Shifters, Urban
Format: eBook
Pages: 209
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Explicit sex scenes. Threat of rape.
Reviewed by: Kim
1 Stars

Their existence was a secret the government stumbled upon. In exchange for continued autonomy, the paranormals entered an alliance with the government. Now they are A.L.F.A.: Alpha League Federal Agency, sworn to protect and serve humanity.

Brilliant scientist Melinda Caster has discovered a new strain of the Zika virus that stimulates synaptic growth in embryos, causing neuron development beyond normal human levels. Way beyond, like ESP-levels of cognitive abilities. When the lab is broken into, Melinda realizes that someone has been keeping tabs on her research and wants it for themselves. A happy accident destroys critical data before it can fall into the wrong hands, but unfortunately that makes Melinda and her perfect memory a target.

A.L.F.A sends in jaguar-shifter Agent Parish Hamel to discover who is after the virus and why. The beautiful scientist acts like catnip to his senses and throws his mating instincts into overdrive. And then she disappears along with the only sample of the virus…. Now Parish must canvas the darkest areas of the supernatural underground to rescue Melinda, and what he discovers is beyond a paranormal’s worst nightmare.

I was so disappointed by the second half of this book that I only kept reading out of disbelief that a book with such a promising start had taken such a weird turn for the terrible. ELEMENTAL MATING began with an intelligent protagonist, living in Africa, doing her thing. By the end of the book she had not used her brains or her photographic memory in about a hundred pages.

The author made a strange decision to go from a hyper-scientific story with surprise magical elements to a fully magical story with no basis in science at all. I don’t know why the story couldn’t be as exciting in the human world. When the characters end up in a dimension where they can basically wish their troubles away, It just feels like lazy writing.

I was thrilled by the first part of the book, and it’s hard for a book to burn through so much goodwill that quickly. Add to that the “communal dream space” that mates share, and I was totally turned off this book. A brilliant premise and a brilliant heroine, dashed against the clichés of alpha males and “it was all a dream”.

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  2. Mating Needs
  3. Dangerous Mating
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