Release Day Review: Spellbinder (Moonshadow #2) by Thea Harrison

July 18, 2017 Review 1

Release Day Review: Spellbinder (Moonshadow #2) by Thea HarrisonSpellbinder by Thea Harrison
Series: Moonshadow #2
Published by Teddy Harrison on July 18, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, Romantic, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 326
Source: Author, Publisher
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Julia
4 Stars

From author Thea Harrison comes the latest story in the New York Times bestselling Moonshadow trilogy....

Kidnapped while on tour, musician Sidonie Martel is transported to the mystical land of Avalon. A human without magical ability, she is completely vulnerable to the deadly forces surrounding her.

When she defies her captors and refuses to share her music, an act of violent cruelty leaves her broken, her ability to play silenced, maybe forever. Her only hope is a whisper in the dark, gentle hands that offer healing, and a man who refuses to show her his face yet who offers advice she dare not ignore.One of the most feared and powerful sorcerers in history, Morgan le Fae serves a Queen he despises, Isabeau of the Light Court. Once a famous bard and an advisor to kings, Morgan has been enslaved to Isabeau for hundreds of years, acting as enforcer and the commander of her deadly Hounds.

Sidonie's music touches Morgan in places he had abandoned centuries ago, and her fiery spirit resurrects feelings he had believed long dead. For Sidonie, trapped in captivity, passion offers a comfort she cannot resist.

But Isabeau holds Morgan bound in magical chains that only Death can break. And in the court of a cruel, jealous Queen, the only thing that burns hotter than love is revenge...

Retellings of King Arthur's tale were my first introduction to fantasy as a kid, and it was pleasant coming back to them in a very modern, sexy, gender bending way. Morgan le Fae is briefly introduced in MOONSHADOW, but SPELLBINDER wastes no time establishing him as a hero doing his best under torturous circumstances.

SPELLBINDER intertwines several rather tricky elements, any of which may be a deal breaker for a reader with personal experience, but I liked how Harrison tried to ground what overcomes centuries old magic in the human, mundane world. Sid's lifelong struggle with OCD has given her coping methods that she applied during her captivity. Morgan's lifetime of magical enslavement was a consistent battle of wills and semantics, as he searches for every inch of freedom within his bonds. There is a lot of exploration of consent and free will, though sometimes the issue feels like it is brought up just so the characters can brush it aside.

Don't take any of these quibbles to mean that I didn't thoroughly enjoy reading SPELLBINDER. While the reality of Morgan's enslavement was repugnant, that gave his arc emotional weight. Sid was my main interest in the story, as her very human abilities made her triumphs all the more relateable and impressive.  Harrison's excellent characters and attention to detail in her plot are apparent in this quick, sexy read.

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    Why does the man on the cover have breasts? Is it part of the story line?