Review: The Shadow Omnibus by Amy Braun

June 23, 2017 Review 0

Review: The Shadow Omnibus by Amy BraunThe Shadow Omnibus by Amy Braun
Published by Mocha Memoirs Press on April 1, 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Occult & Supernatural, Paranormal, Supernatural, Suspense, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 167
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: n/a
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

Ghosts, vampires, pirates, and more haunt the pages of this short story collection from author Amy Braun.

In BRIGHT BUTTERFLY, Nova is an urban legend. Newly chosen to carry on the Mothman's legacy, she believes in using her powers to protect humans rather than feeding from their fear. But the other, older urban legends are becoming desperate as newer generations of legends begin to kill them off for the sake of power. Through trial and tragedy, Nova must bring both sides together before every legend––old and new––is forgotten or destroyed.

In CALL FROM THE CRAVE, a young necromancer is forced to summon the spirit of a ruthless assassin, and fight to stop him when he gets out of control.

HOTEL HELL is the story of a young man looking for his missing fiancee and coming across a mysterious hotel that could lead to her location, or his demise.

LOST SKY is the idea that created the bestselling DARK SKY series, telling of a young engineer choosing to work with untrustworthy marauders to rescue her kidnapped sister from an airship piloted by bloodthirsty monsters from another world.

ENGINEERED DECEIT is an exclusive prequel short story to the best-selling CRIMSON SKY, wherein a young marauder captain and his two crew mates stumble upon an unhinged engineer, who is more dangerous than the monsters they were running from.

Being a collection of short stories, THE SHADOW OMNIBUS was a pretty quick and fun read with five haunting tales of horror and adventure. I was clued in to the fact that this was a collection of short stories by one author and not five after wondering at the similarities of the writing styles and lack of author list. Silly oversight aside the stories in this series were pretty eerie and ranged from a story about urban myths to creepy buildings and steampunk adventures.

In BRIGHT BUTTERFLY there is a battle between old urban legends and new. Maybe I'm showing my age but I was confused about the new urban legends and spent part of this story trying to figure out how many new urban legends there were featured. I thought the author was using three different names for the same legend. Some quick Google searches cleared that up. I enjoyed how the legends continue to live in different people taking on the mantle over the years. This story is pretty gruesome especially considering who the new legends are.

CALL FROM THE CRAVE felt like a classic urban fantasy story featuring a necromancer. The story involving a mob boss and a murderous ghost was pretty fun, graphic, and fast-paced. I liked the main character and how her necromancer powers work. I would actually love to see this as a part of a series as I think there is a lot of potential material here regardless of the finality of the ending.

HOTEL HELL kind of had me thinking of the beginning of Rocky Horror Picture Show with the character approaching a strange house, meeting the weird butler, and asking for a phone to call for help but not getting it. That's where my very random comparison ends. The rest of the story was really spooky and the revel of what was really going on was pretty cool. This was the creepiest of the stories for me.

LOST SKY and ENGINEERED DECEIT are both connected to Amy Braun's Dark Sky series. Both of these were more adventurous steampunk than horror. As the description notes the former is the idea that sparked the series and the latter is a prequel, so there is a lot of set up and world-building. I really liked this world and would like to learn more, which is why this series is now on my ever expanding TBR pile.

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