Review: Plague Zone, by David Wellington

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Review: Plague Zone, by David WellingtonPlague Zone by David Wellington
on 2007
Genres: Horror, Suspense
Format: eBook
Pages: 239
Source: Personal Copy
Excerpt: Excerpt
Reviewed by: Kim
4 Stars

Note: This book is available online for free. Read it now! 

I read this book so quickly, I could barely believe it. The main character’s drive consumed me the way the zombies in the book consume the living.

Tim Kempfer if not a warrior. He’s a librarian on a very simple mission: kill the zombie that murdered his wife and son, and if needed, end them as well. How does he know which zombie he needs to kill in a post-apocalyptic, quarantined Seattle? Easy: his wife’s death was on the news, and it was so graphic and iconic of the disaster that the broadcasts have been playing it on a loop. Since the beginning of the outbreak, he has been watching his wife die over and over again. The zombie (they call them droolers) who did it was Phil Nero, who did some yard work for them.

If he needed any confirmation he got it in the expanded footage. Whereas before the camera had cut away after showing Nero walking down an unidentifiable street, now it followed him farther. It pulled back to get a wide shot showing a pair of cars that had collided in a wide intersection. One was a red Nissan Sentra that Tim recognized immediately. He could almost read the license plate, and what he couldn’t make out he could fill in from memory.

The door of the Nissan swung open hard and a woman in a long skirt spilled out onto the pavement. She looked horrified. She had a claw hammer in her hand and as Nero approached she raised it as if she would hit him right in the face with it.

Nero just grabbed her arm and held it there. The woman was screaming by that point. She didn’t stop as Nero bit deep into her arm with a mouth full of white teeth. She didn’t stop until he’d torn a long strip of flesh out of her arm, until blood fountained across the street.

“Karen,” Tim wheezed. His wife’s name came from deep inside of him. He stared at the car, then, tried to force the image to gain resolution by pure willpower. There was a shadow in the backseat. A shadow the size of a ten year-old boy.

“Jake,” he said.

Unfortunately for him, every highway has turned into a one way street, and no one is going his way, so he has to walk. He’s been walking for weeks. He’s been dodging zombies and bullets from terrified survivors, and he’s not even made it to Seattle yet. Things get significantly worse for him when he gets to Seattle.

David Wellington started writing serial novels, putting a short chapter online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the duration of the novels, which are typically 60 chapters long. The short chapters add a sense of urgency to the story, keeping you guessing and your heart racing.

There is such an amazing plot twist at some point that I am terrified to ruin it if this review gets any longer. Because the whole book is available to read on David Wellington’s website, I recommend simply jumping in and giving it a go. It’s an easy way to discover a new author if you’ve not read any of his later work, and a treat if you’ve read his other books, Positive, the Monster Island trilogy, or Frostbite, which is about werewolves and is also heart-wrenching.

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