5bat! Review: Throne to the Wolves (The Spell Slinger Chronicles #1) by J.A. Cipriano

April 18, 2017 Review 2

5bat! Review: Throne to the Wolves (The Spell Slinger Chronicles #1) by J.A. CiprianoThrone to the Wolves by J.A. Cipriano
Published by Self Published on October 9th, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 153
Source: Personal Copy
Sexual Content: N/A
Reviewed by: James
5 Stars

Hey, I'm Annie. Mage. Nerd. Gamer Extraordinaire.

And yes, I wrote that on my nametag.

I was having a great day right up until Justin Bailey, werewolf prince and Grade A Pain-In-My-Ass came barreling into the shop I work at. Then he threw around words like "blood feud," "sorceress," and "murderer," so I couldn't just kick him out, especially since they all seemed connected to me.

Now the only thing I can do to clear my name is use my magic to help him find the culprit before the council of wolves takes matters into their own hands. If they do, they won't just kill me, they'll put the kibosh on anyone who's ever talked to me.

I guess Uncle Ben was right about that whole responsibility thing.

If you follow my reviews you know how much I love my magic systems. That's the reason I love reading new urban fantasy series, because each one, or at least the good ones, have a new unique magic system to explore. THRONE TO THE WOLVES attracted me because of the nerdiness of the main character. I kept reading because of the awesome magic system.

Annie is an animator, which in the world of THRONE TO THE WOLVES, means that she can bring a model of anything fictional to life. So have you ever wanted to see a Star Wars lightsaber or a Star Trek phaser being wielded against werewolves? If your answer is yes, then THRONE TO THE WOLVES is the right up your alley. J.A. Cipriano does a great job of placing limits on the magic though, so Annie is far from invincible, despite her awesome magic.

THRONE TO THE WOLVES is definitely a book for nerds. It is full of a great mix of old and modern gaming references, comic book reference, and TV/movies references. If you don't know the references then a lot of the jokes will go over your head, but the story itself can still be enjoyed.

My only complain about THRONE TO THE WOLVES is the romance. However, I find that a common complaint I have with all new adult books. Annie falls head over heels in lust with the love interest from the first moment she sees him. At least they don't jump instantly into bed with each other, but the romance just feels lazy to me.

For me, the nerdiness of THRONE TO THE WOLVES more than compensates for the poor romance, but if you're more interested in the romance THRONE TO THE WOLVES is not for you. Otherwise, I highly recommend THRONE TO THE WOLVES. It's just such a fun romp through an urban fantasy world, where the main character gets to use all sorts of fictional weaponry.

Series Titles:
  1. Throne to the Wolves
  2. Prince of Blood and Thunder

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