Unbound Worlds: Cage Match 2017

March 30, 2017 News 0

Penguin Random House’s website dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy, is currently holding its yearly ‘cage match,’ with characters from books pitted against each other. This year’s theme is “Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy” and they’re currently in round four!

For each round, authors have written how they think the fight between the characters will go down, and users are able to vote on the character they think should win. For round four, the character matches are Tom Bombadil vs. Devi, written by Patrick Rothfuss and Ragnar Volarus vs. Georgia Mason, written by Seanan McGuire. 








There’s about 10 hours left to vote in round four, so head over to the Cage Match website to vote for who you think would win in these epic showdowns!


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