Dark Moon Wolf (Calling the Moon, #1) by Sarah E. Stevens

March 1, 2017 Review 1

Dark Moon Wolf (Calling the Moon, #1) by Sarah E. StevensDark Moon Wolf by Sarah E. Stevens
Series: Calling the Moon, #1
Published by Wild Rose Press on February 22, 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 227 pages
Source: Author
Sexual Content: reference to sex
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

Julie Hall thinks the hardest part of single motherhood is sleep deprivation and the constant search for dropped pacifiers, until her four-month old baby transforms into a wolf pup.

How could Carson be a Werewolf? He hadn’t been bitten. Not by a Werewolf, not by a dog, heck, not by a mosquito. Julie sets out to find Carson's father and demand some answers. Instead, she discovers a Werewolf pack haunted by a grisly string of murders--and soon realizes she and her baby are the next targets.

DARK MOON WOLF was a pretty unique premise from the typical wolf shifter urban fantasy/paranormal romance story. The love interest is not there, and there is already the HEA baby that happens at the end of many of these stories. In fact there is really no romance or person who could eventually become a romantic interest (granted that could still happen later in this series) I enjoyed seeing the way in which Julie is introduced to the shifter world through her baby randomly shifting into a wolf pup. That would be pretty weird to experience-a suprise werewolf in your baby's crib. I found it rather fascinating that the story revolves around loss and discovery instead of Julie finding her place and new love in a shifter town. The discovery part mostly involves a murder mystery which was well done and is full of betrayals, kidnappings, secret agendas, and suspense.

I love seeing a new angle on werewolf mythology and DARK MOON WOLF presents a kind of complex system of wolf powers based on the phases of the moon. The wolves were shockingly welcoming to Julie, a human who randomly shows up with a kid, looking for the father. The baby could have very well be kidnapped by Julie as a part of the same evil plot that was causing werewolves to go missing in this story. They didn't know. Either way, I enjoyed meeting the Greybull pack and learning more about their lives.

DARK MOON WOLF was a fun, unique take on werewolf mythology and an interesting murder mystery with some exciting twists and turns. The ending could make the story work as a one off story but I can see how more books could be added as there is enough story and character development to stretch it out to a series. I am interested to see where this series goes from here.

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