Review: Treasure & Treason (Raine Benares #8) by Lisa Shearin

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Review: Treasure & Treason (Raine Benares #8) by Lisa ShearinTreasure & Treason by Lisa Shearin
Series: Raine Benares #8
Published by Self Published on November 15, 2016
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 263
Source: Author
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: N/A
Reviewed by: Kate
4 Stars

An ancient power.
Hidden for millennia in a legendary city on an uninhabited continent, the Heart of Nidaar can harness the forces of nature itself. In the wrong hands, the artifact is a weapon that can command the power of the earth and seas to destroy all life. Just the type of power a sinister goblin brotherhood finds irresistible. In their hands, kingdoms will be forced to surrender to their rule.

A team of royals and rogues.
Chief mage (and nearly rehabilitated practitioner of black magic) Tamnais Nathrach is the perfect goblin duke to stop them. Along with elf pirate Phaelan Benares, these two have a roguish plan to sail to Aquas and snatch the Heart of Nidaar before it can fall into the wrong hands. After all, stealing hearts is what these two do best. Who cares if goblins and elves have been in a near constant state of war for centuries? This common enemy is enough motivation for some teamwork and a little professional competition.

The adventure of a lifetime.
Perhaps Tamnais and Phaelan have forgotten one small fact. Expeditions that sail to the continent of Aquas never return. It’s a blighted wasteland filled with creatures from nightmare and Tamnais might have failed to mention that the Heart has guardians, an ancient race willing to use deadly force to keep themselves and the artifact hidden. Alliances are tested, courage is challenged, and nothing less than the future of all life in the Seven Kingdoms is at stake in the deadliest—and most competitive—treasure hunt of all time.

TREASURE & TREASON, the book I assume Raine Benares fans have been clamoring for, features Tam and Phaelan. AMAZING, am I right??? These two characters, the reformed dark magic practitioner goblin Tam and the endlessly amusing magic-fearing pirate captain and thief Phaelan, together - just the idea is spectacular. Reading TREASURE & TREASON is a treat, especially for fans of the series, and even new readers would find something to love, I suspect.

Tam has always been one of my favorite characters in this series, and I'm so happy to see him finally get his own book. Phaelan, too, but Tam always had that dark mysterious side that makes him that much more intriguing. The premise was great- throwing Tam and Phaelan on a boat together, with no way to escape the other is hysterical, and Shearin definitely makes plenty of jokes despite the drama that of course happens. After all, it is a Raine Benares world novel- something has to go down. And plenty does, with fight scenes and bad guys popping up out of the woodwork, and into dreams, it seems there's no escape for our intrepid heroes.

My one complaint, and this may be because I recently read another Shearin book, is the repetition. It is really drilled in that Tam is pissed at the bad guys, that he's willing to do whatever it takes to do what needs to be done, that he's willing to make sacrifices, on and on his inner monologue is full of thoughts like that. It just starts to get a little frustrating. This could also be the way Shearin writes and I just haven't noticed it before since I haven't read multiple books so close together. The other thing is the cliff hanger - I felt like the book was a little slow to start and then it just ENDED, right before what I felt would have been the most exciting part. So there was that, too.

Like I said, TREASURE & TREASON might be a good place for a newbie to the series to jump in. We've got a new main character, and while there is a lot of background, there isn't nearly as much as in previous books with Raine and Tam frequently mentions the information you might need to know. Plus, there's new characters and a new setting, so that makes it different than previous books as well.

All in all, TREASURE & TREASON is a delight. Shearin is a clever writer, interspersing laugh out loud funny moments with action and magic, and it is definitely worth the read.

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