Review: Demon Moon (Prof Croft #1) by Brad Magnarella

January 26, 2017 Review 0

Review: Demon Moon (Prof Croft #1) by Brad MagnarellaDemon Moon by Brad Magnarella
Narrator: James Patrick Cronin
Series: Prof Croft
Published by Self Published on July 30th 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 318
Source: Personal Copy
Sexual Content: References to sex
Reviewed by: James
4 Stars

Everson Croft here, professor of mythology and behind-the-scenes wizard.

Show me an amateur conjurer, and I’ll stop him before he gets himself killed.

That’s the idea, anyway. But New York City isn’t what it used to be, and I don’t mean the recent crash.

Amateur casters are calling up creatures they shouldn’t be able to. And there’s been a murder at the city’s most hallowed cathedral, a message in blood on the victim’s back the NYPD wants me to interpret, like yesterday.

Something tells me I’m in over my head. And that’s not just Chinatown’s newest mob boss, a scary-powerful vampire, or my possessed cat talking.

No matter how much magic I hurl, worse keeps chasing bad, and I’m amassing enemies like they’re aluminum cans.

Did I mention the end of the world might be nigh?

Damn. Maybe I’m the amateur here.

If Harry Dresden were a college professor in a post financial crash New York City he would be Professor Croft. No, DEMON MOON is not a carbon copy of the Dresden Files, but there are enough similarities that I feel at home in the Prof Croft universe. College professor may not have the same ring to it as “Harry Dresden - Wizard. Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations… No Love Potions… Parties, or Other Entertainment,” but Prof Croft can still kick some serious demon butt.

Usually I like my Urban Fantasy to take place in our world, meaning I wouldn’t normally like an urban fantasy that takes place some point in the future where we’ve had a financial crash. I like Urban Fantasy becasue it allows me to imagine the fantastical in the world around me. But the world of DEMON MOON was still similar enough that I still enjoyed it.

The magic system in DEMON MOON is very Dresden-esque. Summoning circles, component based, caries a staff. However, the origin of that magic is completely different. The world of Prof Croft, at least so far, seems to be about the struggle that wizards have to keep demons out of the human world. This goes back to the creation. When the original nine saints fought against the nine demons. As the war waged on it eventually whittled down to just Michael and three demons. He was able to banish them, and Michael’s descendent's became the wizards of the world, protecting humans from demons.

If you’re like me and are impatiently awaiting the next Harry Dresden book, then give DEMON MOON and Prof Croft a try. DEMON MOON will give you the Harry Dresden feel without having to wait two years for the next book.

Series Titles:
  1. Demon Moon
  2. Blood Deal
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