Review: Shadow Rites (Jane Yellowrock #10) by Faith Hunter

December 12, 2016 Review 0

Review: Shadow Rites (Jane Yellowrock #10) by Faith HunterShadow Rites by Faith Hunter
Series: Jane Yellowrock #10
Published by Roc on April 5, 2016
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Source: NetGalley
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: References to sex
Reviewed by: Julia
4 Stars

Slaying vampires is child’s play for skinwalker Jane Yellowrock. But handling the complicated politics of New Orleans’ supernatural players is another story...

Jane is keeping the peace between visiting groups of witches and vamps in the city, but then trouble comes knocking on her doorstep. When her house is magically attacked, the wild chase to find her assailants unearths a mystery that has literally been buried deep.

A missing master vampire, presumed long deceased, is found chained in a pit...undead, raving mad, and in the company of two human bodies. Now it’s up to Jane to find out who kept the vampire hidden for so long and why, because the incident could tip already high supernatural tensions to an all-out arcane war.

The Jane Yellowrock books have the distinction of being a long running series that I can't keep track of at all but enjoy from book to book. I don't know what makes details slide away, the similarity of Jane's nicknames for people? The complexity of mythologies that always underpin the "big reveal" at the end? I know Ricky is gone (in a rather unsatisfying way), Jane and Beast are partners, and vampires are dangerous. Additional details are refreshed in the opening chapters.

SHADOW RITES in particular was easy to jump in to, and I enjoyed the procedural aspects of Jane and Eli working security. Still, the big bads seemed a little out of step with the story, despite Jane retroactively finding their breadcrumbs in prior events. They came, they hurt Jane and company, and even after the resolution I don't feel like I understand how they moved the series forward at all.

From an interpersonal stand point, SHADOW RITES is unique to the series. Jane's love life is smooth sailing and it is her deep, abiding friendships that get most of the focus.  One thing is business as usual, however, reading along with Jane and Beast is purely a delight.

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