5bat! Review: Grunge (Monster Hunter Memoirs #1) by Larry Correia and John Ringo

December 20, 2016 Review 0

5bat! Review: Grunge (Monster Hunter Memoirs #1) by Larry Correia and  John RingoGrunge by John Ringo, Larry Correia
Narrator: Oliver Wyman
Series: Monster Hunter Memoirs
Published by Baen on August 2nd, 2016
Genres: Adult, Horror, Occult & Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 307
Source: Personal Copy
Sexual Content: Lots of references to sex
Reviewed by: James
5 Stars

When Marine Private Oliver Chadwick Gardenier is killed in the Marine barrack bombing in Beirut, somebody who might be Saint Peter gives him a choice: Go to Heaven, which while nice might be a little boring, or return to Earth. The Boss has a mission for him and he's to look for a sign. He's a Marine: He'll choose the mission.

Unfortunately, the sign he's to look for is "57." Which, given the food services contract in Bethesda Hospital, creates some difficulty. Eventually, it appears that God's will is for Chad to join a group called "Monster Hunters International" and protect people from things that go bump in the night. From there, things trend downhill.

Monster Hunter Memoirs is the (mostly) true story of the life and times of one of MHI's most effective—and flamboyant—hunters. Pro-tips for up and coming hunters range from how to dress appropriately for jogging (low-profile body armor and multiple weapons) to how to develop contacts among the Japanese yakuza, to why it's not a good idea to make billy goat jokes to trolls.

Grunge harkens back to the Golden Days of Monster Hunting when Reagan was in office, Ray and Susan Shackleford were top hunters and Seattle sushi was authentic.

Sometimes I get tired of reading stories where the vampire or the werewolf is the protagonist, or the love interest of the protagonist. Sometimes I just want monsters to be monsters. Horrible creatures of the night that need to be killed. If you feel the same way then look no further than GRUNGE.

If you are familiar with the Monster Hunter International series then you'll love the Monster Hunter Memoirs series. However, if you aren't familiar with the series you don't need to worry either. GRUNGE takes place long before the Monster Hunter International series, so while there are Easter eggs for those of us who are familiar with the series, GRUNGE stands on its own just fine.

GRUNGE follows Oliver Chadwick Gardenier, Chad, as he transitions from Marine life to being dead, and then coming back with a mission, which will eventually lead him to join up with MHI and start hunting monsters. Now, despite what I said in the beginning, not all monsters in GRUNGE are evil, but sometimes the ones the good guys work with are not what you'd expect, like garbage loving gnolls.

If you just want to read a book where a small group team up to take down some huge monsters using modern weapons and explosives than GRUNGE is the book for you, but if you want a vampire romance than look elsewhere, you won't find that here.

Series Titles:
  1. Grunge
  2. Sinners
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