Review: Legal Wolf’s Mate, by Eve Langlais

November 28, 2016 Review 0

Review: Legal Wolf’s Mate, by Eve LanglaisLegal Wolf's Mate by Eve Langlais
Published by st. martin's on October 4th, 2016
Genres: Humorous, Paranormal Romance, Shifters
Format: eBook
Pages: 116
Source: Personal Copy
Sexual Content: Explicit sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kim
4 Stars

In Legal Wolf's Mate, taking on a pro bono murder case isn't a problem for a lawyer who enjoys a challenge. Discovering that his new client is his mate? A tad more complicated. Gavin has no intention of settling down, especially not with a woman accused of murder, but once he sets eyes on Megan, his fate is sealed.

There are so many fun surprises in LEGAL WOLF’S MATE that I was grinning the whole time I was reading it. The characters are fun, the mystery is just weird enough to be interesting, and the romance is smoking hot.

In a world where only men can be werewolves, the women who they love need to be strong. Gavin isn’t sure that Megan is strong enough to deal with being a wolf’s mate, but as soon as he sees her sitting in his waiting room, he knows he has to have her. She admits that she feels the same electric attraction to him, but since she’s the one being framed for murder, she really thinks they should stick to business… At least until the trial is over.

The fated mate motif can be super cheesy, but in a novella, it definitely works. It makes it easy to get rolling and explains how quickly the characters feel a connection. It’s the supernatural equivalent of getting back together with “the one that got away”.

As Gavin and Megan dodge murder attempts and fall into bed together, the plot gets thicker. Her apartment gets broken into and vandalized, another man turns up dead, and it turns out Megan may have had the strength needed to kill a man in the first place.

The surprises are too fun to spoil, but they were well set up enough that I never felt like it was completely sprung on me. As I was still digesting the twists, little things I had read came back to me, now clear. The writing is tight and there were almost no lulls in the story. It’s easy to get into and satisfying to read.

LEGAL WOLF’S MATE is a nearly perfect novella, with just enough world-building to give a taste of the bigger world without being frustrating.

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