Guest Blog & Giveaway: Nina Croft on Who Wants to Live Forever & win Blood and Metal

November 8, 2016 Guests 16

A big welcome to Nina Croft who is here to talk to us about living forever and celebrating the release of Flying Through Fire, Dark Desires #6 (published on November 7, 2016 by Entangled Publishing). Want to win a copy Blood and Metal, Dark Desires #5? Enter via the widget below.


Who Wants to Live Forever


Nina Croft

Right now, I’d say, I do. That may change in a few thousand years, but until then it seems a better option than the alternative.

I’m Nina Croft, and I write all sorts of romance but usually with paranormal or sci-fi elements, and sometimes with both. As is the case with my Dark Desires series. The series is essentially science fiction romance with a paranormal twist. It takes place in a distant future, where man (and a few other things such as vampires, werewolves, demons…) have fled to the stars and discovered Meridian, the secret to everlasting life. Unfortunately, Meridian is exorbitantly expensive and only available to a select few. A new class comprised of the super rich and immortal soon evolved. The Collective, as they’re called, rule the universe.

But as with any civilization there are some people who just don’t want to be ruled. This is definitely the case with the crew of the space cruiser, the Blood Hunter, a motley mix of humans and immortals, intent on wreaking havoc across the universe.

The books are fast, fun and sexy, but there is a more serious underlying theme as well, that of man’s fear of death and search for immortality, whether through science, religion or by some paranormal means.

The idea of immortality, and the price people would be willing to pay to obtain it, has always fascinated me, and I believe it’s one of the things that draws people to paranormal. It’s part of the lure of the vampire—the fact that they cannot die (well not easily anyway). It’s certainly one of the main things that draws me to the paranormal as a writer.

The theme was first introduced in Book 1 of the series, Break Out, where my hero, Ricardo Sanchez, the pilot of the ship is also a vampire. Born in Spain in the Middle Ages, he’s been around for a long time. Rico paid a high price for immortality; he lives with a darkness within him. And he’s learned that the biggest danger to an immortal is boredom—so he does everything in his power to avoid it.

Move on to book 6, Flying Through Fire, and immortality is still one of the major themes. Thorne, my hero, has been around for ten thousand years; he’s seen friends born and die. He’s learned that the only thing that can keep him going through the centuries is to have a purpose in life. His was to protect his people and eventually take them to their promised land. When his purpose literally goes up in smoke, he needs a strong woman to show him that immortality is a blessing and not a curse.

Luckily for him, Candace is super-strong, and she’s not going to let him give up without a fight. She’s also a twenty-two-year-old werewolf—this is by far the biggest age difference I have ever written in a romance!

So, what do you think? Would you like to live forever? And just how much would you be willing to pay? Let me know for a chance to win one of three ecopies of Break Out, book one in the series

Nina Croft

Nina CroftGrowing up in the cold, wet, north of England, Nina Croft spent a lot of time huddled under the blankets dreaming of faraway sunnier places and ponies. When she discovered both could be found between the covers of a book, her life changed forever. Soon her horizons expanded to include other galaxies and whole new worlds, monsters, and vampires and then even stranger…love and sex.

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3 ebook copies of Blood and Metal (Dark Desires #5)

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 Flying Through Fire by Nina Croft



Available on November 7, 2016 by Entangled Publishing


Winged monsters have been seen in the skies, and a pestilence follows in their wake, threatening the very survival of mankind. Only the crew of the Blood Hunter knows where they come from, and only one man has the power to send them back—Thorne, a human/dragon hybrid in possession of mental powers beyond comprehension.

Candace Decker doesn’t need anyone to look after her—she’s a badass werewolf more than capable of protecting herself and those she loves. All the same, she’s always been drawn to Thorne’s strength. In an uncertain world, he’s the one man who makes her feel safe. And what Candy wants, she usually gets.

But while Candy is tenacious, Thorne’s willpower has been honed over ten thousand years. He might want her, but the last thing he needs is an infatuation with a young, impetuous werewolf. Candy makes him lose control, and that could have disastrous consequences.

As the threat escalates and they become separated by time and space, Candy must find a way back to him, because while Thorne alone has the power to defeat the dragons, only together can they finally bring peace to the universe

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16 Responses to “Guest Blog & Giveaway: Nina Croft on Who Wants to Live Forever & win Blood and Metal”

  1. erinf1

    lol… as long as I had my own island where I could read in peace, I might be ok with living as an immortal 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. Kristy

    No, I wouldn’t like to live forever. I would like to live as long as my loved ones did & then die with them.

  3. Ashley Martinez

    No I don’t think so I definitely won’t want to outlive my daughter

  4. Janie McGaugh

    If the people I loved would also live forever, and if I’d never age, I could go for it. Otherwise, no.

  5. JenM

    I don’t think I would because everyone else would always be dying on me.

  6. biki

    The idea sounds great in theory but I can definitely see myself growing very bored with it all

  7. Meredith Miller

    No. I’d like to be able to experience a lot more, but I think I’d get bored somewhere along the line.

  8. Beth Lutin

    I would not want to live forever, but I love reading about vampires who do.