Review: When a Lioness Snarls (A Lion’s Pride #5), by Eve Langlais

October 7, 2016 Review 0

Review: When a Lioness Snarls  (A Lion’s Pride #5), by Eve LanglaisWhen A Lioness Snarls by Eve Langlais
Series: A Lion's Pride #5
Published by Eve Langlais on July 21st 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Shifters
Format: eBook
Pages: 175
Source: Personal Copy
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Explicit sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Kim
4 Stars

Stalking is only a crime among humans. In a lioness’s world, it’s called dating.

Jeoff, is a bit of a killjoy, a super cute one who gets furry on full moons. But so does she.

Luna is everything Jeoff is not. Outrageous, outgoing, and violent. Very violent, and unafraid to go after what she wants—and she wants Jeoff.

Silly man, he thinks he can resist, but once a lioness sets her sights on a man, paws off! And if anyone thinks to try and take him… There’s a reason why the ladies of the pride win the yearly award for Baddest Biatches.

Fear the claw. *Snarl*.

The A Lion’s Pride series has been a nearly flawless winner up to now, and WHEN A LIONESS SNARLS is up there with WHEN AN ALPHA PURRS in terms of sexy fun and action. Centered around a modern pride of werelions, these novellas are quick to read and will make you laugh out loud, which is always a bonus in paranormal romance.

Although the lions like to think they are in charge, it’s the large number of lionesses (so many cousins!) who are they real muscle in the pride. One on one, they may not be as strong, but they stick together, and in human or lion form, lionesses are fierce adversaries you don’t want to mess with.

Her species and her huge extended family are the main reason Jeoff, the alpha of a smaller wolf pack, fights his attraction to Luna for so long. He’s got a pack to take care, and he runs the security for most shifter events, including the security in the highrise where most of the lion pride live. He’s seen what kind of damage the pride can do, and he doesn’t want his peaceful life disrupted on a daily basis and more than it already is.

Unfortunately for him, Luna likes his dorky glasses and he has a really good sunbeam in his living room she loves to bask in. When they are asked to work together by the pride Alpha on a case, Luna sees her chance to finally wear him down.

She thinks she’s going to work hard at getting Jeoff to notice her, but what she hasn’t counted on is that Jeoff has been paying attention for years. And the close proximity blows any defenses he’s built up to peices. It was adorable and hilarious to watch her work so hard, when Jeoff was already so close to cracking. There’s only so much a red blooded wolf can take!

They are investigating missing shifters, and all signs point to all the shifters having gone to one swingers’ bar before they disappeared. In order to get in, they’ll have to pretend to be a couple, and a sexually adventurous one at that. Corny? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. Especially when they realise they are going to have to play the part in front of the whole pride in order to keep the charade from unravelling!

This book introduces new adversaries and allies, and really shows the power the lionesses have when they work together. It could easily be read as a stand alone, although I definitely recommend the other books in the series. Eve Langlais has written a few shifter series in this genre - Kodiak Point takes place in Northern Canada, and Bitten Point in the bayous. They read almost like episodes in a tv show: quick, fun and hilarious. Check them out if you need a laugh and some steamy shifter romance.


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