Review: Deader Homes and Gardens (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #4) by Angie Fox

October 27, 2016 Review 0

Review:  Deader Homes and Gardens (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #4) by Angie FoxDeader Homes and Gardens by Angie Fox
Series: Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, #4
Published by Angie Fox on October 11, 2016
Genres: Cozy, Fantasy, Mystery & Detective, Paranormal
Format: eBook
Pages: 210 pages
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: light kissing
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

Southern belle Verity Long is back in business—as a ghost hunter. Now all she has to do is visit the town's creepiest mansion and exorcise a family of vengeful spirits. Piece of cake. After all, ghosts love her and need her...that is until she meets the ghosts of Rock Fall mansion. They'll do anything to keep their murderous secrets hidden within the cliff-side fortress—even if that means getting rid of one meddling ghost hunter.

With the entire town skeptical and scrutinizing her every move, Verity struggles to uncover the century-old mystery behind the house. And when she stumbles upon a very fresh, very dead body, she realizes there’s more to it than she ever imagined. With the help of her sexy cop boyfriend, Ellis, and her ghostly gangster sidekick, Frankie, she braves the overgrown gardens, the desolate family cemetery, and the haunted mansion that have been locked away for generations.

Can Verity unearth the truth before she's the next one buried on the deadly grounds?

One of the genre tags on the Goodreads page for DEADER HOMES AND GARDENS is "cozy mystery" and that is a very accurate description for this book and in fact, the whole series. It's the type of when you're looking for a 'scary but not pants-wetting scary ' book to read on a cold October evening. I got through this book in one sitting as it's a very quick read and has an interesting mystery that kept my interest enough to want to see what the resolution would be. I love when a mystery doesn't make the reveal so glaringly obvious in the first few chapters and keeps me guessing.

I enjoyed seeing the story of the haunted houses' ghostly inhabitants unravel during Verity Long's first ghost-hunting job venture. It seemed to get more complex as more information was revealed. Verity's ghost talking powers are kind of limited so far as she has to connect with her ghost companion, Frankie to use them. This issue is brought up in this story as a B plot but it doesn't resolve this limitation that much. Verity and Frankie's relationship is fun and I love that he hasn't moved past his 1920s gangster ways.  Verity is a fun character who has gone through a lot in her life especially with having to put up with being the town weirdo who 'sees ghosts'.

DEADER HOMES AND GARDENS was a fun and spooky little mystery that fits well for a light read. I am looking forward to what spooky missadventures Verity and Frankie get involved in next.

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