Review: The Trade of Queens (Merchant Princes #6) by Charles Stross

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Review: The Trade of Queens (Merchant Princes #6) by Charles StrossThe Trade of Queens by Charles Stross
Narrator: Kate Reading
Published by Tor on March 16th, 2010
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 304
Length: 11 hours and 58 minutes
Source: Personal Copy
Sexual Content: References to sex
Reviewed by: James
1 Stars

A dissident faction of the Clan, the alternate universe group of families that has traded covertly with our world for a century or more, have carried nuclear devices between the worlds and exploded them in Washington, DC, killing the President of the United States. Now they will exterminate the rest of the Clan and keep Miriam alive only long enough to bear her child, the heir to the throne of their land in the Gruinmarkt world.

The worst and deepest secret is now revealed: behind the horrifying plot is a faction of the US government itself, preparing for a political takeover in the aftermath of disaster. There is no safe place for Miriam and her Clan except, perhaps, in the third alternate world, New Britain--which has just had a revolution and a nuclear incident of its own.

Charles Stross's Merchant Princes series reaches a spectacular climax in this sixth volume. Praised by Nobel laureate Paul Krugman as "great fun," this is state of the art, cutting edge SF grown out of a fantastic premise.

The Merchant Princes started out with so much potential. Charles Stross created an amazing universe, and an awesome female lead. The Merchant Princes series is clear proof that great world building does not mean great plotting.

I don't often give out one bat reviews, I usually DNF a book before I give it one bat. However, none of the books in the Merchant Princes series deserve a one bat review in my opinion. I enjoyed all the Merchant Princes books. Charles Stross does write interesting books. However, THE TRADE OF QUEENS is the last book in the series, and nothing is wrapped up. THE TRADE OF QUEENS would be excellent if it was book six of twelve, instead of being the final book of a series. Imagine if Tolkien ended Lord of the Rings after the FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. You've got a great world, a great cast of characters, a great adventure to come, except it's over.

My final thoughts on the Merchant Princes series... If you want a great story about a strong female character exploring new worlds read THE FAMILY TRADE and THE HIDDEN FAMILY. If you want an epic fantasy style adventure where the main character from the first two novels only plays a supporting role than start with CLAN CORPORATE and read through to the "end" of the series.

Series Titles:
  1. The Family Trade
  2. The Hidden Family
  3. The Clan Corporate
  4. The Merchants' War
  5. The Revolution Business
  6. The Trade of Queens
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