Audiobook Review: Salvage Trouble (Black Ocean #1) by J.S. Morin

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Audiobook Review: Salvage Trouble (Black Ocean #1) by J.S. MorinSalvage Trouble by J.S. Morin
Narrator: Mikael Naramore
Series: Black Ocean
Published by Self Published on October 26th, 2014
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 142
Length: 4 hours and 28 minutes
Source: Personal Copy
Sexual Content: References to sex
Reviewed by: James
5 Stars

Science to build a starship. Wizardry to take it past light speed. A crew to give it a soul.

In the year 2254 gravity was officially declared to be magic; the scientists gave up trying to figure it out and handed it over to the wizards. Without the inherent respect for the laws of physics, the wizards poked and prodded at gravity, poring over all that science knew about the attraction of one object to the next, and dismissing it as poppycock. They discovered ways around the tired old limits, and gave birth to the first true starships. Some enlightened journalist, covering the maiden voyage of the Impossible, noted that the ship was shaped like a hand giving the middle finger to science.

The dreams of children came alive, and humanity expanded into the cosmos, unlocking the secrets of the galaxy.

Who could have foreseen that three hundred years later, a down-on-his-luck captain would be answering distress calls, hoping to arrive in time to get first pick of the salvage …

Mission 1: Salvage Trouble

A routine salvage job turns into a rescue mission, and a good deed never goes unpunished. With two refugees aboard, Captain Carl Ramsey finds that his ship, the Mobius, has a target painted on its hull. Someone is after the new passengers, and willing to stop at nothing to get them back.

With his ex-wife as pilot, a drunken mechanic, a predatory bodyguard, and an outcast wizard from the Convocation, what’s a captain to do? Just get paid for the job, and try to keep everyone alive. That’s all you can ever ask, really.

As a life long lover of science fiction and fantasy I've always searched for a great story that could combine the two genres. I've read/attempted to read many, many books that had magic in space, but none of them have been worth mentioning until I stumbled across SALVAGE TROUBLE on Audible a couple of weeks ago, and since then the Black Ocean series has been the only thing I've listened to as I quickly devoured the seven books that are up on Audible right now.

I'm always hesitant to make comparisons, I've seen all kinds of crazy and ridiculous comparisons advertised on the covers of many books I've read, and usually they're pretty far from reality and are just there to get you to pick up the book. However, the best way for me to describe the Black Ocean series is a comparison. Black Ocean is Firefly but with magic. I'm not trying to say that they are identical but Black Ocean revolves around a less than reputable crew of a starship as they fly around the galaxy on less than legal missions.

SALVAGE TROUBLE isn't anything earth shattering, however, it completely pulled me into the world and the characters and I didn't, and still don't, want to leave. It only takes a few lines for me to get immersed into this universe and that is exactly what I look for in a five bat book. All of the characters came to life in my mind, each of them have unique personalities that grow throughout the whole series as the characters progress. Which is another thing that Black Ocean does well. It would be easy to just throw the characters into crazy situations time after time and not have them grow at all, but J.S. Morin doesn't allow that to happen. He makes sure the characters grow and evolve throughout the series. The best part of it all though is seeing the world that J.S. Morin has created. A world where magic and technology grudgingly work together to allow starships to travel faster than light. A world with insanely high tech, yet also dependent on magic.

I can't say enough good things about SALVAGE TROUBLE and the whole Black Ocean series. Black Ocean is quickly headed to becoming one of my all-time favorite series.

Notes on the Audiobook: Mikael Naramore does an amazing job with the narration. Too good of a job in fact. I'm still waiting for the next two books to come out as audiobooks, because I can't imagine reading them instead of listening to them. Mikael just brings the story to life so well.

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  1. Salvage Trouble
  2. A Smuggler's Conscience
  3. Poets and Piracy
  4. To Err is Azrin
  5. Alien Racer
  6. Retro Version
  7. Siege of Mortania
  8. Moon of Odysseus
  9. Adventure Capital
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