Review: Amber Fire, by Lisa Renee Jones

June 9, 2016 Review 0

Review: Amber Fire, by Lisa Renee JonesAmber Fire by Lisa Renee Jones
Published by Lyrical Press on June 7th, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 96
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Explicit sexual scenes.
Reviewed by: Kim
1 Stars

Broad and all-powerful, a man who knows how to thrive in the wild--and bring to the edge of ecstasy the woman he claims as his own . . .

Determined to defend her late father's work, Amber Green heads into the heat of the Nevada canyons to prove the existence of the Yaguara, a shape-shifting race of jaguars. There she meets the one man more hell-bent on protecting the jaguars than she is: Jareth, a force of raw male nature to be reckoned with--an animal worth pursuing . . .

AMBER FIRE, by Lisa Renee Jones, has left me with some really troubling questions, some of which I will try to answer for you.

Wouldn't a tribe of were-Jaguars do better settling in a place where wild jaguars actually lived, so that seeing a pride of them wouldn't be too weird?

Yeah that would be more subtle. I also think you should avoid living near the fabled origin place of your tribe, in case the secret cabal who murders your race without questions comes looking for you.

If half a dozen wild Jaguars had been spotted in the area, would a sane woman leave her group, drop her tranq gun and go skinny dipping in a pool... And then have sex with a stranger who doesn't even like her?

Maybe she's an idiot? No, she is leading an archaeological research team, so she has to be somewhat clever.

Wouldn't you find out if someone was part of an evil cabal hunting your kind before sleeping with them?

Likewise, if our hero thinks that she might kill him (especially if she sees his obvious "jaguar print" birth mark), why would he get naked with her under a waterfall? Wouldn’t that muddle things a bit?

Is a man questioning a woman's motives while having sex and gripping her throat not too rape-y?

Yeah, it’s way too rape-y and I was extremely uncomfortable with how OK she was with his method of questioning her.

Could this short story have had more than two pages before the mystery was ruined, and more than thirty pages before the first sex scene?

Apparently not.

I read the Knights of White series by Lisa Renee Jones a few years ago, and it was fun, guilty-pleasure paranormal romance fluff. I’ve re-read that short series once or twice since then. This short story had nothing of the playfulness or even common sense of the Knights of White. This feels like a first draft with about 100 pages missing and some serious revision of both mythology and characters. AMBER FIRE was an utter disaster with predictable twists and a cop-out ending.

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