Review: Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (Heart of the Wolf #19, Silver Town Wolf Series, #6) by Terry Spear

May 21, 2016 Review 0

Review:  Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (Heart of the Wolf #19, Silver Town Wolf Series, #6) by Terry SpearAlpha Wolf Need Not Apply by Terry Spear
Series: Heart of the Wolf, #19
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on May 3, 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romantic
Format: eBook
Pages: 384
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
4 Stars

Wolf shifter and park ranger Eric Silver is committed to his job policing spectacular San Isabel National Forest, and he's hot on the scent of some mysterious wolves who are up to no good. When Eric's investigation leads him to cross paths with forester Pepper Grayling, he's fascinated to learn this she-wolf is her pack's leader -- strong, independent, and definitely not looking for a mate.

With unknown dangers on the prowl, Pepper is tempted to give in to her attraction to Eric and align her pack with his. But Pepper's been pursued by many alpha males--all out to take over her pack and gain her hard-won territory--and Eric is a born leader. How does Eric earn the trust of a she-wolf who's been betrayed so often in the past?

I was drawn to ALPHA WOLF NEED NOT APPLY, not just because its a Terry Spear story but I thought we might get a romance with a beta wolf which I haven't been able to find much of. What we got was close enough and awesome. Eric is seriously the most relaxed alpha male I've seen which might say something about the types of books I've been reading that lean very heavily on the alphahole trope. He's protective and aggressive when he needs to be but can back off when he can tell that Pepper can deal with the situation. He's got her back and respects her enough not to haul her away and lock her in her room. They butt heads and eventually see eachother's point of an actual relationship with two dominant personalities! I was quite happy to see this type of relationship build up to a sweet romance.

While I enjoyed the Eric and Pepper's budding relationship, the story involving a rival pack trying to hook up with Pepper to gain power was a tad slow in the beginning. Granted when you're trying to court an alpha wolf female you probably should go slow and tread very lightly. I enjoyed seeing all of the secondary characters interact and they seemed pretty realistic, or as realistic as people who shift into wolves can be. The plot was pretty steady and sped up towards the middle with some interesting twists involving the rival pack working against Pepper.

ALPHA WOLF NEED NOT APPLY is a sweet paranormal romance that is able to deftly mix that sweetness with fun action sequences and danger.

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