Review: Wedding Bells, Magic Spells (Raine Benares #7) by Lisa Shearin

February 24, 2016 Review 5

Review: Wedding Bells, Magic Spells (Raine Benares #7) by Lisa ShearinWedding Bells, Magic Spells by Lisa Shearin
Series: Raine Benares #7
Published by Self Published on February 16, 2016
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romantic, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 266
Source: Author
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Kissing
Reviewed by: Kate
4 Stars

Name: Raine Benares
Race: Elf
Job: Seeker, bride, peace talks referee
Problem: Back-stabbing diplomats, bride-hating mother-in-law

You would think that after having successfully destroyed the Saghred (aka, a legendary soul-sucking rock) and sending an evil goblin demigod to the Lower Hells that I would get some time off to plan my wedding to my sexy paladin fiancé Mychael Eiliesor, right? Wrong. Not only do I have to brace for meeting Mychael’s parents and cope with my burgeoning new powers, but it seems there may be another calamity brewing.

After the recent change in goblin leadership, the new—thankfully non-psychotic—king is willing to participate in an elf/goblin/human peace treaty. The Isle of Mid is the site of these delicate negotiations, meaning all hands on deck for Mychael and his Conclave Guardians. When the head of elven intelligence (and my wedding guest) Duke Markus Sevelien is nearly assassinated upon his arrival, I suspect my mother-in-law will be the least of my concerns. Sabotaging these talks may be only the first salvo in a treacherous and deadly new apocalyptic plot!

After ALL SPELLS BREAK LOOSE, I fully expected never to read another Raine Benares book again. Lucky for us, Shearin decided to self-publish more in the series! WEDDING BELLS, MAGIC SPELLS follows almost immediately after the events in ALL SPELLS BREAK LOOSE, and follows the same formula as other books in the series - successfully, I might add.

I'll be honest - it has been a few years since I last visited Raine's world, and my details on what happened the first six books were kind of sketchy. Luckily, Shearin did manage to fit in recaps of previous events and quick rundowns on who everybody was, which worked out well for my failing memory. They would also help a reader who didn't read the first six books be able to jump into this series. Since this is mostly a brand new story arc, I think WEDDING BELLS, MAGIC SPELLS would be a good place for a new reader to start (though I recommend reading the first books if you have the time).

That being said, there was quite a bit of recap, and not as much action as previous Shearin books. I'm not sure if one was a result of the other, but even though I felt Raine was in danger some of the time, the danger didn't feel as immediate as it had in previous books in the series. This book is clearly setting up a bigger conflict to come - and ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. One other disappointing thing was the small amount of time we got to spend with some of the characters, like Raine's father and Tam (gah do I love me some Tam!).

Overall, WEDDING BELLS, MAGIC SPELLS is a satisfying continuation of the Raine Benares series, and I loved being able to jump back into that world. With all the humor and wit that we're used to, Raine continues to be a charismatic heroine who is easy to love and read about. The plot twists and turns are unexpected, and we get to see almost all the Raine's group of friends we've come to know over the course of the series. I can't wait to see where Shearin takes the series next!

Series Titles:
  1. Magic Lost, Trouble Found
  2. Armed & Magical
  3. The Trouble With Demons
  4. Bewitched & Betrayed
  5. Con & Conjure
  6. All Spells Break Loose
  7. Wedding Bells, Magic Spells


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5 Responses to “Review: Wedding Bells, Magic Spells (Raine Benares #7) by Lisa Shearin”

  1. Lisa Shearin

    What a great review! Thank you so much, Kate! I plan to write two more books in the series this year. The next one will be from Tam’s point of view, and it’ll make you and other Team Tam fans very happy. I hope to have that one out this fall. After that will be another from Raine’s POV that I hope to have out by Christmas. So there’s much more fun to come. ; )

    • Kate

      Suze and Kailana, you definitely should check out/continue the series! Totally worth it! It’s a lot of fun. And thanks Lisa!! Can’t wait for the next books!!

  2. Mina

    Another Raine Benares book, how cool is that!? Thanks for the review Kate, I never would have found out about it otherwise [living in Germany and buying on…]. I’m so going to read it 🙂

    Oh and @Ms. Shearin, in case you’re reading this: I just finished “The Brimstone Deception” and gave it five totally earned stars on Love your books!