Release Day Review: Wild Cat (Leopard People #8) by Christine Feehan

November 24, 2015 Review 0

Release Day Review:  Wild Cat (Leopard People #8) by Christine FeehanWild Cat by Christine Feehan
Series: Leopard People, #8
Published by Jove on November 24, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romance, Romantic
Pages: 448 pages
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: many graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
2 Stars

In the new Leopard novel by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Cat’s Lair and Leopard’s Prey, passions explode like wildfire when a young woman’s feral instincts are ignited by a man who’s too dangerous not to desire…

A simple request for Siena Arnotto: deliver a gift to her grandfather’s friend. One look at Elijah Lospostos, hard-bodied and stripped to the waist, and Siena succumbs to a feline stirring she never felt before, and to Elijah’s reckless and pleasurable demands. But when that pulse-throbbing moment ends in the murder of an unexpected intruder, Elijah accuses the shaken and confused Siena of setting him up.

Then Siena discovers the truth of her Leopard heritage, of the secrets in her grandfather’s inner circle, and the sinister plot of revenge that has put her in jeopardy. When Siena’s grandfather is assassinated, she realizes the only man she can trust is Elijah. Now as her Leopard rises from within, Siena and Elijah share not only an animal instinct for survival—but a desire so raw and wild it may be the only thing that can save them.

When I closed this book I had to take some time to process my feeling on it before writing down my thoughts. I enjoy shifter romances and am typically able to reason with the aggressive and violent nature of the heroes due to their being half-animal. Sometimes the attitudes of the heroes can be a bit much and the sex a bit too domineering for my tastes but usually that's balanced out with the heroine's ability to stand up for herself and the hero's ability to know when to calm down or back off. WILD CAT really pushed my limit of just how much douche I can take in my alpha heroes.

Siena's situation really shows just what a disadvantage she starts at in entering into a relationship with Elijah. She doesn't know she is a shifter until an unfortunate or fortunate-depending on how you look at-it meeting with Elijah which involves some a heated and sexy sex scene. That sex scene I was okay with but the aftermath was disastrous as it was intended to be in the book though what you see in that aftermath seems to reflect the power-dynamic between these two throughout the book. We have Siena, essentially naive about the shifter world, being yanked into a violent sexual relationship where she has little to no say or control. Yes, part of her attraction is due to the whole 'mating bond' trope which I accept in these types of books but even that should have it's limits especially when the hero is super possessive to the point of not wanting Siena to move with out his say so.

For so much of the book I felt like Siena was a prisoner of Elijah's just sitting there waiting for him to have sex with her. I kept wanting her to escape to someplace safe and that was probably not the feeling I was supposed to be getting out of this relationship. Elijah is violent and dangerous. He is scary and scary towards Siena most of the time. He his controlling and uses sex as a punishment which can be kinky and fun but here it reflected a deeper issue with their relationship. Siena laughs at his 'punishment' but that doesn't really do much to make me think they are on equal footing in their relationship. Siena does get some control and say but it seems so small and no real progress in her own independence in this relationship is made to make me think she shouldn't run to a batter womans' shelter.

Now, I enjoy a book with sex in it but in WILD CAT it was so pervasive that I just wanted them to sit down and eat or read a book for once. They couldn't get through a meal with out sex much less a conversation or argument. Every argument ended in sex. Even in the middle of planning a strategy to stop Siena from being kidnapped they stop to have three page sex scenes. The plot was interesting enough about Siena's inheritance and her finding her way in the shifter world but it was overwhelmed by the rampant misogyny and aggressiveness on Elijah's part and the constant and hazy consent-wise sex.

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