Release Day Review: Reap the Wind (Cassandra Palmer #7) by Karen Chance

November 3, 2015 Review 0

Release Day Review:  Reap the Wind (Cassandra Palmer #7) by Karen ChanceReap the Wind by Karen Chance
Series: Cassandra Palmer, #7
Published by Signet Select on November 3, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 432 pages
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

You’d think that being Chief Seer for the supernatural world would come with a few perks. But as Cassie Palmer has learned, being Pythia doesn’t mean you don’t have to do things the hard way. That’s why she finds herself on a rescue mission skipping through time—even though she doesn't entirely understand her dimension-bending new power.

Rescuing her friend John Pritkin should have been an in and out kind of deal, but with the near-immortal mage’s soul lost in time, Cassie has to hunt for it through the ages—with Pritkin’s demon dad in tow. He’s the only one who can reverse Pritkin’s curse, but with the guardians of the time-line dead set on stopping anyone from mucking about, Cassie will have to figure out how to get her friend back without ruffling too many feathers—or causing a world-ending paradox or two...

As I've come to expect from this series there is no time for breathe in REAP THE WIND. Everything that could go wrong for Cassie goes wrong that I just want the girl to get a break eventually. Cassie is continuing to learn about her powers and what she can do along with trying to stop the end of the world and saving her mentor Pritkin. All in a day's work for your typical Pythia. There is a ton going on in this book and at times it does feel a tad overwhelming considering the sheer amount of time travel happening. I guess feeling like that is a great way to get an understanding of how Cassie must feel.

I always admire Cassie's work ethic and ability to just keep going in this series. I would have quit a long time ago and just go find someplace quiet to be for a very long time. Cassie does have help from a large cast of secondary characters and this cast expands a touch in this book. Cassie goes back in time and meets up with 'past' Pritkin (he counts as a new-ish character!) and meets some new people including new acolytes and some angry past Pythias. I liked seeing the old Pythias and seeing how they use their powers and I also enjoyed learning a bit more about Pythia acolytes and how they lived and about their duties to the Pythia.

While I did enjoy REAP THE WIND and Cassie's at times hilarious time traveling hijinks I felt like the book was stalling. There always seems to be a small fraction of forward momentum in the overall plot and Cassie's learning curve always moves forward a touch but mostly it feels like treading water as the series goes on. I really do love the story and will read the next book but I just want more forward momentum and less cliffhangers.


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