5bat! Review: Boundary Lines (Boundary Magic #2) by Melissa F. Olson

November 6, 2015 Review 0

5bat! Review: Boundary Lines (Boundary Magic #2) by Melissa F. OlsonBoundary Lines by Melissa F. Olson
Narrator: Kate Rudd
Series: Boundary Magic
Published by 47north on October 13th, 2015
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 292
Length: 10 hours and 35 minutes
Source: Personal Copy
Sexual Content: One mildly descriptive sex scene
Reviewed by: James
5 Stars

Fitting into the Old World isn’t going very well for Boulder boundary witch Allison “Lex” Luther: she may have earned a place in a vampire’s service, but now it seems as if every supernatural creature in town has found a reason to hate her. And when Lex and her partner are assigned to investigate the suspicious disappearance of two vampires during the night of the full moon, they find themselves with more questions than answers.

Was it murder…or mutiny?

The crusade for answers will lead Lex all over the Colorado Old World, from a prison cell for a broken werewolf to a haunted Denver brothel. And when Lex determines the responsible party, the hunt is just beginning: something has been awakened in Boulder, something as old and powerful as it is terrifying. Only the woman with death in her blood can stop what’s coming.

I thoroughly enjoyed the BOUNDARY CROSSED, so I was eager to read BOUNDARY LINES. The pacing in the first book was off just a little bit for me, and I was worried that problem would continue in this book, but it didn't at all. The plot flowed smoothly and quickly, with lots of action and just the right amount of romance. It's rare for me to find a book that is so interesting I don't want to put it down, but I had a hard time putting this one down.

Olson continued to do an amazing job dealing with Lex's PTSD. There were a couple major points in the story where it was an issue, and it was handled perfectly. My only real issue with the book was that Lex seemed a little too skittish around guns for someone who served in the Army. There were a couple of times where I felt like it was more the author's issues with guns coming through rather than Lex's.

Some people might not like the level of romance in BOUNDARY LINES, but it was the perfect amount for me. At one point within the first hour of the book Lex flat out asks Quinn if they're interested in each other saying that she's "too God damn old to play games." I enjoy a good romance subplot, but sometimes it gets ridiculous how the characters skirt admitting that they like each other. It was such a relief to have a character just say it out in the open like that. You can still have a great romantic subplot without the characters wondering if the other one likes them when it is completely obvious that they do.

The final thing I'll say about BOUNDARY LINES is that I believe Melissa F. Olson is the first author to make me care so much about a character that has been dead and gone since page one of the first book. Every time Lex mentions her twin sister I wished she was still alive. I really felt the pain that Lex feels not having her sister around when she needs her. I don't have a better way of describing than that, though those words don't really do it justice. But one thing I look for in a five bat book is feeling an emotional connection like that one, and that's one of the stronger if not the strongest emotional connection I've had with a character for a long time.

BOUNDARY LINES made up for the slow start that the Boundary Magic series had with BOUNDARY CROSSED, and I can't wait for the next book.

Notes on the Audiobook: Kate Rudd continues her amazing job in this book. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite narrators because of how well she narrates this series.

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  1. Boundary Crossed
  2. Boundary Lines
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